Friday, October 31, 2008


I am not trying to put it down. I am really, REALLY confused by this. I am intrigued by the history. Curious about their belief. But incredulous about the fact that they seriously believe in magic. That aside. Follow me as I take a stroll into the religion of the day.

Faith is a difficult thing to have. Which is why all religions require it. You must believe it in order to be a true member/follower. Regardless of the countless provable facts contradicting your religion. Ignore the world around you. Ignore the evidence. Ignore what other people say. Listen only to this one tale. Read only this one book. The proof out there was placed intentionally for you to deny as a test.

Even when there is proof, that you agree to, that shows that your religion was created by one person within our own recorded history. Now THAT is faith!

Do you know how they always do movies with three female witches and why there is usually one called Selene, Selina or sound-alike Sabrina?

I will attempt to answer that but first a little history. The people in control of Catholicism and Christianity (not God) tried really hard to eradicate all other religions from this planet. Sometimes in good will, but frequently with bloodshed. In a most manipulative way, they absorbed the traditions and beliefs of their enemies and adopted them for their own in order to promote conversion. This is evident in little things like the celebration of Sabbath on Sunday and not Saturday. Saturday being the 7th day of the week and all.

The day of worship on Sunday was a pagan tradition. Pagans, for a long time, were seen as the most evil, mortal enemies of any Christian faith. As a Catholic/Christian believer, this ability for pagan traditions to infiltrate the holiest of days would shake my faith to its roots, but that's just me.

About Sunday.

The Sun God. While not the only version of the male God worshiped by the Pagans, it is a noted and influential one. If you noticed I said male God, that means that yes, they also worshiped a female one, or two, or three.

It is important to note that Wiccan followers worship both male and female simultaneously. They are a duotheistic religion that lays much significance in the duality of everything in nature. Much like the Taoist philosophy of yin and yang. There is a group of pagans that worship the female exclusively but that's another tale for another day.

This Godess is usually portrayed as a triple Godess. One person of three different ages. The maiden, the mother and the crone.

1.2.3. "The power of 3." Just to break the set, I uploaded 4 pictures. ;o)

The maiden/virgin, mother, woman. All of which the Catholic Mary symbolize and are prayed to. That triplicate reference was stripped away and placed upon the male God to diminish the significance and power of the female God worship. The Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

OK so you understand where they get the three girls from right? What about the Selena reference?

Gaze upon the image of this Greco-Roman Godess.

She is known as Luna. Translation: Moon. Sun, Moon, Night, Day, Male Female, Yin-Yang...

In Greek mythology, she is known as Selene.

Known for her beauty and as a giver of light and life, she was defamed by monotheistic religions.

Take a look at the very first image I posted on this blog and see what they have done with her now very recognizable image.

So enjoy your Halloween and remember all is not as it seems.


Docteur Glamour said...

Because my best friend in middle school was Wiccan, I know quite a bit about it, as well as Paganism (I'm a History Channel nerd). From what I know, and I apologize if my information is incorrect, Wicca and Paganism is basically worshipping the Sacred Feminine, or Goddess, more so than God, who is often interpreted as masculine. According to some documentaries I've seen, Christians committed a lot of atrocities against Pagans, because of the fact that they worshipped a female figure. I am not Christian, but I have always felt that hard-core (And I mean hard-core) Christians are kind of sexist, especially when some of them say women are evil and temptresses, all because Eve bit the apple. I was recently watching something about Lilith (Apparently the first wife of Adam) on PBS and they said that when she asked Adam if she could be on top and he refused, she got ticked off. I don't remember exactly what happened, but afterwards, she showed up in the Bible as some sort of Demon who feeds on infants and pregnant women. All because she wanted something her way. Then God made Eve from Adam's rib, I think, so that she wouldn't disobey him. Basically, to me, it just represents Christian mentality. I respect all religions, so I hope I don't offend anyone; it's just my personal opinion. I just hate the fact that some religions will take a powerful woman and basically demote her to something evil or pathetic. Sorry if I got any facts wrong; feel free to correct me :)

Argentum Vulgaris said...

From my understanding the church was originally matriarchal, it only became a patriarchal institution under a pope (Constatine, I think) in the 3rd century. The reasons I have never explored, certainly an indication that christianity sprang from paganism.


Jessica said...

I actually had a wiccan friend when I was in 10th grade. I never really asked her any questions about her faith because, at that time, I still had the belief that she might get offended and cast an evil spell on me haha. what can I say, I was very naive then. though, she did carry a big book around with her that was full of information about it. it always interested me in a way, but I never looked more into it. something that strikes me as funny is that I took a "world religions" class in college, that supposedly covered 'every religion known to man', but wiccan/ paganism was never covered. it would of been interesting to learn about.

Cristina Kalpa said...

I remember back when I was in school, that Wicca was the 'cool religion' and everyone and their mother said they were a 'witch.' They walked around with books written by Silver Ravenwolf and watched The Craft religiously, trying to conjure up spells and drawing pentacles on everything an anything.

Sadly, for the people who really do practice it, these people have ruined their chances of most people taking them seriously when they say they do. It's sad how Wicca has turned into a fashion statement, just because someone decided it was cool.

Dawnie said...

we have a male friend and his wife that are into this--its a lifestyle and a very huge part of their life and has been for well over 25 years. Nature is paramount in their daily lives. I dont get it at all--and am really not interested in learning to much about it. Its hard enough for me to keep my faith in God--let alone confuse myself anymore!

HektikLyfe said...

>Docteur Glamour: I think its popularity has grown immensely. Though they have complete freedom to believe as they wish, it does surprise me that they rarely know the short history of this "religion." I think your example goes to show that any and all religions have their little, issues. Their logic holes. This could be the reason why people leave in droves trying to find replacements in witchcraft and numerology to fill that spiritual void.

>Argentum: Its difficult to find a true history when powerful groups made such a strong and victorious effort to rewrite it.

>Jessica: According to an acquaintance I had in grade school, the way curses work is that you can only curse someone when you feel stronger and more capable than another. When you curse someone, that same curse comes back on you 10 times over. So if you curse them with a year of bad luck, you get 10 and so forth. Paganism, because of its lack of history and large following of a single strong group, still qualifies as a cult or sect. There is no real MAIN belief. Its too varied in each little group. It is what people want it to be. It is a belief of convenience to make the believers feel happy or interested. Fun.

>Cristina: My thoughts exactly. Its cool to be evil. The day that a freakin' demon rapes them like they do the movies, then we'll see if they continue walk around in Goth makeup.

>Dawnie: I like learning about as many different beliefs as possible. It interests me greatly when I find similarities between them all. If any are true, I figure the truth is in the mass of extra junk humanity has plagued upon it.

The way I see it, as long as people have some sort of belief that keeps them in line, I'm happy.

Stay off my lawn. Pick up your dog shit and respect my family.

Iris said...

I need to read this one outloud, remember?