Thursday, October 2, 2008


This blog will be recurring. Not regular but it will be recurring. It is about the top 5 commenters on this blog. :)

Iris - A VERY nice and very regular commenter on my blogs. My #1 fan who follows and supports me wherever I go. She is the light in my day.

Sarah Jane - Funny to say this but on internet terms, we go way back. I may get this wrong but my wife had a friend in high school, who had a cousin, who married Sarah with which we were acquainted with through MySpace. My wife and she hit it off pretty well and there you go. A down to earth person, great mother, conversationalist and fantastic hostess. Check out her blog here.

Farhan - A very smart guy with a good head on his shoulders who is destined to do great things with his life. I was very lucky to meet him on MySpace and thoroughly enjoy the many interesting topics we discuss. Check out Farhan's blog here.

Ryan - I met Ryan here on Blogger and instantly came to admire and respect his photography skills. He quickly rose to the top of my Top Commenters list and leads a very interesting life. Check out his photography blog here.

Carlos - On an off participant but a great debater. I met him 30+ years ago and has inspired me to become more than I am. A hard worker, role model and adventurist. Never one to back down from a challenge he is the symbol of strength in our family.


Iris said...

^__^ Well HELLO celebrity me day!

HektikLyfe said...

I would have thought seeing you on Nightline NBC would have made you a celebrity but I see now that you needed exposure on The Silent Podium to truly, achieve world recognition! ;)

Iris said...

Ha ha ha!

ryanmortinson said...

ha. just saw this. thanks. very cool. thought you should know that you inspired me awhile back to do a bit of writing... originally, my blog was mostly going to be just photos to share with people... but it's morphed into a bit more than that and i think i may also start posting some stories about my grandfather and family.

halloween isn't really celebrated here in korea, but because we are an english school, we will throw a little party for the kids... even do a little trick or treating. i'll definitely post some pics. the school is paying for all the teachers to get costumes. i think i will be wearing some kind of old school korean uniform.

HektikLyfe said...

Glad to hear that. Your pictures already were very interesting so some back story could only add to their depth. Besides you have such an interesting history I know people would enjoy hearing about.

Make sure to post a picture of that uniform!

Farhan said...

Its nice to do some introspection. Thank you for writing this, Hektik.

Haha yes we did meet on MySpace. I still remember how I added you on there. I saw your picture under the "cool new people" thing. and in your display pic, you were wearing something like a Jamaican head dress with dreadlocks. Thats what caught my attention. Then I viewed your profile and saw some video game images (gears 1) and decided to add you. And I'm glad I did.

HektikLyfe said...

Whoa I had no idea. I was on "cool new people?" I always thought that was B.S. and only advertisers were on there. Weird! For some reason I thought you found me on an XBox 360 group.

Yeah my Halloween costume. I still have it. I was Rasta! XD

What a chance. If you had signed in a few seconds later that group of new people would have cycled. Funny the way the world works eh?