Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are you a movie fan? A Poll Poll.

I have always been more of a stay at home kind of guy. So movies are naturally a great way to pass the time for a homebody such as myself. My wife and I used to moderate a MySpace group which was pretty popular for a while. We had the idea to create a group solely about movies and television shows that group members would review and recommend themselves. These were movies not necessarily in the public eye. Student films, foreign films and the like. Even the big budget films that were ordinarily overlooked by critics that we didn't think were bad at all.

To get a better, and frequently more trustworthy, perspective from the regular person. Not the artsy critics that love anything with Tom Hanks in it. During its heyday we had a decent amount of activity and we really picked up some great suggestions for movies we would never have heard of otherwise.

We can't really create the same format here on Blogger but we do have Memes. How does it work? Well I ask a question or submit a survey, then you answer the question on your own blog. Creating a community of sorts. You would then post a direct link to your answer on the original blog HERE so everyone can go check it out.

Not as public as a MySpace group of course but it is still fun and it gets people to get to know each other within their own blogs.

I was considering doing a Movie Monday Meme where I would suggest a movie I think people would enjoy watching with a VERY limited review or overview. I know I tend to write too much so I would make a very conscious attempt to reduce my input. :) Then everyone else could do the same.

This would be fun but only with active participants. Now that we have a good group of followers here I was wondering if you would all be interested. If not, no problem, this poll will save me the embarrassment of doing a meme all by my lonesome. Whatd'ya say?


HektikLyfe said...

It looks pretty unanimous. This Monday we begin. :)

Nana Net said...

Okay, I can't wait! Hoping I have some of them in my collection! LOL If not, that will be Okay!

Dano MacNamarrah said...

Surveys are very unreliable, as I suppose you know. Percentages that show "for" and "against" often have a numerical gap. That would be the spineless, the un-opinionated and the downright silly folks. (Palin wink wink added here)!

HektikLyfe said...

>Nana: Glad to hear. Can't wait to see what you suggest.

>Dano: You make a valid point. But I was looking for people that would participate. So I could have 20 votes against, if I had 10 votes for and 100 that didn't vote at all, I'd still have 10 votes for and that would mean 10 participants. Besides my website is small enough that people are a little less likely to lie. Why would they on such a minor site you know?