Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Stripper Poll

Padum pum! Sorry about the pun but it made me laugh when I thought of it so hopefully you will at least smirk.

Tough situations are rarely remembered for their levity. I had a co-worker who shared an experience with me a few years ago. He and some of his buddies were at a strip club and were surprised to find their friend's wife dancing. It was an awkward moment to say the least. Much more awkward than the things I've been through lately for sure.

The stripper's husband knew about the dancing but was unaware that his friends were witness to it. The lady recognized them immediately and treated them no different afterward but it made things difficult between the group of friends.

I've never been to one for many reasons, this being a possibility. With as large a family as I have, I am bound to run into someone. Add to that the fact that I wouldn't want to sit down anywhere near the place and I am truly, happily married and those should be reasons enough.

I thought to myself, what would be the worst possible scenario while not quite crossing prostitution boundary...

I excluded grandparents because I thought, while funny, it wouldn't really add to the realism and introspection of the poll.


Iris said...

Hillario! I love the pun. I giggled. I think I would have a hard time with anyone I knew, being a stripper. But let me really think about it and cast my vote.

Anonymous said...

It would be the easiest for me to cope with seeing my sibling working at a strip club, but no way in hell is that okay either! First of all, I probably will not even go to a strip club in the first place, but if I do go and I do see someone I know, I'll lose all the respect I have for them. But then I think, what respect do I MYSELF deserve after going to a place like that?

HektikLyfe said...

Wow, it looks like its going to be a landslide. So far most votes are for the sibling. Strange thing isn't it? I wonder what makes it such a big difference between the parents and the siblings? Why is it an easier choice?

HektikLyfe said...

Great circular logic Farhan! :) I could imagine the condescending tone now.

"What the hell are you do...." then the loss for words... XD

You could have found out by their admittance or you were in the area and you see them walk out of the place with a ton of eyeshadow.

I wouldn't be surprised of more than a few of my gigantic (extended) family were at one point or another employed in a place like that at one point in their lives. The way they dress and act... It is just very likely, and sad.

Valash said...

I would choose my sibling, because I would be more upset and embarassed if it were my parent.

By the way, I posted your question on my blog.

Iris said...

Ok so here's why I voted for my sibling as the easiest to cope with if they were a stripper.

My spouse: If my (male) spouse was a stripper, I would be embarassed for him. People we meet asking us what each of us do. I don't know how he would answer or how I would answer for him, if he weren't around.

One of my parents-Gosh how can that be easy to cope with. The "Your mom's a stripper" jokes would never end. And if my dad was, OMG if you knew my dad. He looks like a big Mexican Arnold Schartzanegger with some extra pounds.

One of my children-Oh I just can't think of that. Kids are just too sweet and innocent. I guess I am not old enough to picture one of my kids as an adult doing this (male or female)
Although, I feel like I could cope better if our son turned out to be a stripper, more than if our daughter did. But either way, NO! I wouldn't want them to do it.

Siblings are easier because you expect them to take their own path in life. And no matter what they do, it doesn't seem to affect your personal life (of course unless they live with you)

So yeah, my vote is sibling.

HektikLyfe said...

>Valash: I noticed! Thanks! That really answered my question well. Everyone can check it out HERE.

>Iris: I think you summed it up perfectly. That's exactly why this poll seems to be so unanimous. We will see if by the middle of next week the tides will have turned...

Mexican Terminator. That would be something to see! XD "Te llamo pa'tras."

Sarah Jane said...

I almost voted for my mom. I'm already quite ashamed of her and she can't get any lower in my eyes as it is, stripping wouldn't make much difference.
But I voted sibling.

HektikLyfe said...

People who didn't know what you've been through would think you were kidding. It is amazing that a great mother like you has come from a situation like that. I don't know how you girls do that.

Docteur Glamour said...

Sibling. I shouldn't have to elaborate. Anyway, in regards to one of your comments, a Desi is a slang (Maybe) or short word for Indian (From India).

HektikLyfe said...

No one is obligated to anything here. :)

Thanks for the answer!

Nana Net said...

When first reading this two movies came to mind. They were "Gypsy," and "Striptease!" Now mind you both of these dealt with Strippers. Of course the one (Gypsy) was based on the true life of "Gypsy Rose Lee," the most famous burlesque dancer of all time! And the ther movie starred Demi Moore in it.

Still though to me being from a large family myself, I could not make a living doing this. Mostly because the thought of being seen/caught by a family member is enough to scared the living you know what out of me! LOL

No, seriously the look of disappointment on my Dad's face would be enough to let me know that I had done wrong!!!!

I have personally known some strippers. And must say they are no different then I am. They put there pants on one leg at a time just like me! LOL That they have their reasons for working as a stripper and yes, I have asked a couple of them why they do. To which one replied, "Because the money is damn good!' Plus it helps to keep the wolves away from my door!"

Now who am I to argue with that? Cause to me it sure beats them living off of us taxpayers!

And as to which one I would vote for...I would prefer a friend, but you did nt put it up there. LOL So I will choose sibling. Because at least then I could always ask them for a loan without getting a lecture! :0)

Iris said...

I like Nana Net's reason for choosing a sibling :D LOL!

HektikLyfe said...

>Nana: Never heard of Gypsy. Striptease I did hear of but I was never really a fan of older Demi Moore so I never watched it. That and I think I was underage when it was released, maybe. There was some drama around the time of its release and I thought she was living it up.

"They put there pants on one leg at a time just like me!" So many dumb "the difference is they rip them off" jokes floating through my head, I must, resist!

Though I will agree that I would much rather them earn their pay then live off my taxes, my concern was for the inner truth. Do they go home and feel OK, honestly? Or do they quietly sob? We may never know. People concerned so much with appearance would be very likely to cover up inner truths, even from themselves, until they couldn't take it anymore.

>Iris: About the loan, that really redefines the term "dirty money."

Nana Net said...

Oh Hek, the ones I know are very self-confident in what they do! And YES they are Okay with their decisions. That for me I have always believed that what someone chooses to do with their life is their business. I may not like it nor agree with it! But still it is "Their Choice" to make and not mine to make for them!

And before you even ask....No I have not been to see them strip nor do I care to go see them do it! It just is not on my list of things to do in life!

Now as to the movie "Gypsy" you can more than likely find it on E-Bay or rent it.

Take care and keep on blogging. Cause my mind is a racing here and you have given me some ideas! Thanks!

HektikLyfe said...

I see your point. But I am not questioning their right to make that decision. I am questioning their logic. How did they come to that conclusion. How can someone intelligent with self-confidence and goals make a decision like that. It must make sense to them. They MUST have valid, logical reasons. I'm just confused by it because I don't see how they can possibly make a decision like that.

Kind of like smoking. You know it kills you and the people around you. Why do people still try it? Weird.

I can't wait to see what comes of that inspiration! :)

Nana Net said...

You ask a very good question. One in which I truly do not know the answer to. That try as I might I have told you just what they have said to me. Though all of them have said they are "Not Ashamed" of what they do! Which leads me back to the the fact they do it because they "Want To." Maybe it is because they love the money, or just love to dance! Hey, it could be they just love to go around naked! Who knows? Still though I know it does not answer your question...

All in all after researching this some I did see where most people do it for the money. That it appears to be a very high paying job! Plus one that our dear old government is not able to collect taxes on! LOL :0) So maybe that is the real reason why they do it. To get away with not paying tazes!

Well I am off to watch a little TV with my hubby. Will chat later. Know I do love a good Q & A. And you truly are one-of-a kind! Blessings my friend.

Nana Net