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Of Light Spirits (4-20-07) 36 Reads

(UPDATE:  Before you read this blog, know this.  I do not do drugs even though the erratic content of this blog may make it seem that way.  Not to mention the date it was originally posted.  Consider yourself warned.)

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Disclaimer:  This blog in no way promotes or defends a supernatural belief of any kind.  They are simply the musings of a bored but imaginative college student.

Do you remember much of the last few blogs I've written?  Do you recall where I mentioned some of what I thought about light and gravity.  How how gravity affects light becase light has mass?  I know it has been a while but in order for you to understand or visualize what I am about to discuss you should give that previous blog a quick read through.

The Unspoken Laws of Christeodynamics

You are a super star.

We are all slightly different in color.  White people are varying shades of peach.  People of Spanish decent and many others are varying degrees of light brown.  People of African heritage are varying degrees of dark brown and people of Asian decent are varying degrees of yellow.

Some believe this never ending spectrum of skin color is what is to blame for racial hatred and war.  Science has, with the aid of the visible results seen through Space and Time, proven how similar we truly are.
If a person were as big as a star, reflected as much light as a star and were as far away as your average star, it would not matter what the color of his/her skin would be.  We would only see them as white.

There are stars of every shade in the night sky yet we only see but a few.  Some stars that we can see are actually shades of red, blue and even purple.  Different colors of light travel at different speeds.  "Pure" white light travels the fastest so that light reaches the Earth and our eyes first.

What does this have to do with Ghosts, spirits and other specters?  I will get there.

Just as light is affected by gravity, time is related to speed.  Yes I said TIME.
E=mc squared.
Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

In elementary school English, any object can become energy if it moves fast enough.

Some of what I say below may actually break a few laws of physics and reality but that's what is so much fun about having free reign of my own imagination.

The faster you travel through space, the faster you travel through time.  If an object with any mass travels at the speed of light, two things will happen.  It will convert into some form of energy, explode, and time will stop for that object during its light speed travel.

So with some imagination one could figure that light is merely a representation of time traveling mass.  OR some resilient light reflected from something that had been there before.

Say I'm in the 1970's.  Someone takes my picture.  You know when you are watching a video and someone takes a flash photograph how bright for a short second the person looks if you move the video in slow-motion?  That bright light moves very fast.

Lets make another HUGE assumption.  All stories need assumptions to be interesting.

Lets assume that the bright reflection of the flash photograph that someone took of me in the 70's traveled through time.  Or that time stopped for it.  37 years later the Earth passes near that exact place in space where that picture was taken of me.  My image resides.  But the only light to arrive was the bright white's and blue's.

My image looks very ghostly.  But the image moves slowly.  Just like the Earth's rotation.  But the image is going through objects or flying through the air.  The Earth isn't in the exact same place and 37 year's ago there wasn't a door where I just walked through.

Ghosts are always from the past.  No one ever see's Ghost's from the future.  If you believe in some form of afterlife then you "know" that in many religions there is no distinction between past and present after death.
It doesn't necessarily need to be a flash camera I just used that for the imagery.  It could be a bright day or natural radiation.

Not a very well organized blog this time I know.  How could I possibly put something like this in order?  It's just a collection of thoughts that intrigue me from time to time when I'm bored.
I'm not a superstitious person.  It's no secret that I don't have much faith in the supernatural.  But I can't dismiss what I can't disprove.

I'm not saying Ghosts don't exists.
I'm not saying people don't see things.
I am saying that if they are actually seeing something, it's more likely that it has some scientific explanation.  As unbelievable as it may seem.


Bring me water: what do you think about moving objectS?

Apple Something:
Ok, I finally sat down and read this. 
I remember you telling me this theory of yours before.  I bought it.  But just now I thought of a question.
I know you don't believe in the supernatural but how would you explain physical "contact" with a light spirit?  I totally see how you can explain the image of one, that makes perfect sense.  But let's say Iris, for instance, was sitting at the computer at home and felt something/someone playing with her hair but nobody was there. let's take it further and pretend she saw her hair being played with, too.  How would you explain that?  The reason I use hair as an example is because it happened to my sister before.  She felt her hair being played with and SAW it happen, too.  Ok, obviously the first thought is, she could be lying.  But YOU know Iris is not a liar just as I know my sister is not a liar.  Can you explain that while using your light spirit idea? 
I am not challenging your theory at all.  I just want you to try harder to prove it!  Then we'd have an explanation for things!
Also, I've never seen a ghost.  I believe I've physically felt a couple (not in a very long time, though).  But both times I was alone, so nobody can vouch for me.

Bring me water: does it still happen if it is dark?

Wife: I like the logo that you made. That's pretty cool. Well, you've been right about other theories such as this one, well sort of. Like the XXXXX planet  I really like it when you get into talking about topics like this one, because you get so involved and excited about sharing. And when you are like that, it makes people want to listen and ask questions. I hope this blog stirs the imagination of your readers and gets them to ask questions. I know I have!

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New Look (Slightly Broken)

Hello folks,

I updated the template.  It should be a lot cleaner and load faster.  Feel free to mess with the alternative layouts.  They are on the top right.  I like playing with the Flipcard to organize by tags.  Currently commenting is disabled but there was only one or two of you who commented semi-regularly anyway so it shouldn't be too bad.

I posted in the Blogger help forum so hopefully they will have it up and running soon.  I will also be trying to post shorter blogs in the future.  Just some thoughts to keep the activity high and the traffic entertained.

Stay Tuned!