Thursday, October 9, 2008

Enjoying Lunch

I love cheeseburgers. I especially love fresh homemade cheeseburgers. As I was thoroughly enjoying my decadent meal, I found an article about obesity in America. It was a very interesting read.

This article on Divine Caroline warns that despite all those public service announcements, and Krispy Kreme going all but out of business, the obesity epidemic continues to get worse year after year.

According to the research they quote, obesity rates have increased in 37 states and have not reduced in ANY. That's right. NONE.

Below are a list of the 5 fattest states decreasing by level of obesity.
  • Mississippi (31.7 percent)
  • West Virginia (30.6 percent)
  • Alabama (30.1 percent)
  • Louisiana (29.5 percent)
  • South Carolina (29.2 percent)
Now a list of the states with the lowest level of obesity increasing by percentage.
  • Colorado (18.4 percent)
  • Hawaii (20.7 percent)
  • Connecticut (20.8 percent)
  • Massachusetts (20.9 percent)
  • Vermont (21.1 percent)
Hawaii has the second lowest level of obese citizens by percentage and they have a lot of Samoans! Some of the happiest obese people I've ever met.

Of course this is putting politicians in a panic. Where will all their bribes come from if the companies who dole them out lose revenue when all their customers die from diabetes? The government is getting involved since we American's can't seem to control ourselves. They have laws but few states regulate them.

In states where they do regulate these laws, insurance companies fight them all the way. The insurance company fat cats argue that obesity is not a disease and they refuse to foot the bill for treatment.

What do you all think? Should a self-induced disease treatment be payed for by the rest of the country? That is what will happen when the insurance premiums increase for EVERYONE if they are forced by state government.


Sarah Jane said...

That's a good question for which I really don't have a succinct answer. Basically, I can't see NOT giving someone medical care when they really need it, no matter whose fault it is that they are in that position. Some day, someone we know, if not ourselves, might need some drastic expensive life-saving surgery or treatment-I think it seems fair to share the cost.
On another note, its really strange that there are more and more obese people (including myself) and at the same time there are more ways then ever to lose weight with different programs, diet foods, counseling, education and new discoveries of weight loss remedies occuring in nature. One could easily blame the "value menus" but I think it all comes down to parenting or lack of it. That's a whole 'nother blog.

HektikLyfe said...

There are a lot of people in the world that need medical attention. Perhaps an alternative friends & family group policy needs to be created?

I could really get into the benefits of this alternative method which as far as I am concerned I just invented. :) Imagine that, you create a group, much like small businesses, but strictly for family which you all chip in for. I could see that.

But strangers? Strangers who OFTEN like to take advantage of people and insurance companies and free handout type donations? (WIC)

I think it is the fuel for the only existing perpetual motion machine. Economics.

Blog away! I know you have the talent for it.

Sarah Jane said...

Eh, I would have to start a new blog and I'm just not ready to take that on right now :)

HektikLyfe said...

You COULD do what I do and throw it all together in a jumble. You could rename it in the same theme.

Instead of Hatching a Patch, Family Farmland or something along those lines.