Monday, October 6, 2008

Movie Monday Meme

Ever watch a movie you never expected to like? Feel like recommending it to people who you expect might like it? I know there are a lot of great movies out there that people haven't heard of. Movies that get overlooked by the critics because they weren't directed by Scorsese or because they don't star Glen Close as the villain-ess.

Well here is your podium. I make a suggestion with a little summary as to why I think it is a good flick, and you do the same, on your own blog. Then come back here and post the link directly to the blog post about that movie.


The movie I suggest this week is called Sunshine.

Now before you say, "I'm not into that Sci-Fi crap!" hear me out. This movie is NOT like the recent fantasy crap that has come out the past decade. Do you remember movies like Aliens and 2010? Remember what was likable about those movies? Keep that in mind.

This movie isn't a fantasy styled tale like Star Wars or Star Trek. There aren't ANY aliens or warp drives. This is Science Fiction that COULD be possible in the distant future. This isn't the type of movie that you would stare at in disbelief so please, give it a chance.

When I first saw the preview I was excited. For too long I had been embarrassed to admit that I was a fan of Sci-Fi because of crap like Battlefield Earth. This movie took a serious threat, well, seriously.

The premise? Our sun is dying. A joint last ditch Earth effort is sent with the intention to kick-start a nuclear explosion which could, in theory, get the sun to react and start burning again.

Contact was lost with the first attempt and this story is that of the people on the second, final ship. Cast away an preconceptions of what Sci-Fi is and enjoy this movie for what it is. An exciting story with a great cast of minor actors. (My respect for lesser known actors grows more with movies like these.)

In an ideal setting you should watch this movie in the dark with some great surround sound. The visual and audio effects are spectacular.


Iris said...

I wonder why before seeing this movie, I never heard of it. Hope it's available at the local blockbusters or hollywood video.

HektikLyfe said...

Yeah I never even saw a preview for it. I was browsing the internet and found a website with the preview playing on it. I watched it and was impressed. They moved the release date a few times and TWO weeks after it had been released it was no longer in theaters. It was ridiculous and crap like Beverly Hills Chihuahua is still playing.

Dano MacNamarrah said...

I was lucky enough to find your site from "Overcoming Schizophrenia". I'm enjoying it so much, I'll add it to my "Brilliant Blogs" list, which shows your most recent post title.

When I read this particular post, the British movie "Naked" came to mind. Guess I'll have to spend some quality time reading and writing about it. But don't wait for my review. This forceful, dark, potentious film was a serious drama.

The characters were developed by the actors, with them ad libbing to a scene sketch. The anti-hero travels through his increasingly wrecked life, receiving and inflicting pain wherever he goes.

Nana Net said...

Okay, will go look for this one. Then try to do what you asked. Ya know about the linking up thingy. LOL

HektikLyfe said...

>Dano: You consider yourself lucky? I am sincerely flattered, thank you. :) Naked huh? I will definitely look it up. But I will have to remember to be careful when searching for it. The ad-libbing sounds interesting. I think that makes a true actor. When they can stay in character and not just memorize lines.

>Nana: Look forward to it. I'd love to see what you all suggest and what you all like.