Friday, October 10, 2008

Costumes are for Girls

...and children.

I like the idea of dressing up for Halloween, but it never quite works right for boys or men. They either dress them up too cute, like so.

or they look like morons.

If guys dress, dark and goth all cool, they have to stay in character and can't really have fun unless they work in a haunted house. It always looks stupid to see Dracula dancing.

Female costumes all look pretty cool. Themed girls just look right and they fit into the costumes. The only bad thing, for girls, is that 9 out of 10 times these costumes are sexual.

I have been to parties where some girls dress uncomfortably sexy. It becomes a competition among them to see who dresses the sluttiest. Perhaps I am getting old but I couldn't help but feel sorry for these girls and what their parents would think if they saw them with half a butt cheek sticking out of their costumes. Unless you are single, as a guy you have to keep your eyes down and walk carefully around the dance floor so as not to bump into any flopping flesh.

Are any of you dressing up this year? If so, are you sticking to a more conservative theme or are you going for the sexy ghost?


Iris said...

I am dressing up. I have done "sexy" in the past. Not slutty. I was Lara Croft one year. This year, I want to wear something to make people laugh when they see me. So not going the sexy route this year. I'll probably have to make my own costume.

HektikLyfe said...

Oh too many times I had people laughing at my costumes so I'll probably just skip this year. :)

Anonymous said...

Must confess, I wouldn't look good "slutty"! LOL

Interesting subject Hektiklyfe.


HektikLyfe said...

That's the only way guys can get away with it. Scary or silly and if you're silly you come off gay.

Jorja Cherry said...

@argentum vulgaris: I know, right? I'd go superslutty if I could pull it off.

I think I'll go low-key and just pass out the candy this year. :)

Jose said...

I love how when women dress up on holloween it's always a nurse, a teacher, a nun, a cop, BUT it's always a slutty this and a slutty that. it's the one time of the year they can go out of the house like that.

Sarah said...

It bothers me that the only costume I can find for myself are provocative ones. I always make my own for just that reason. 'Whorish bar wench' won't go over very well at my 4 year olds Hallowe'en Party!

Nana Net said...

I'm Back..... LOL
Sorry but have been gone. So to answer your question at hand. Well no dress up here. Got to go out of town. :0(

But will ask this.... How did Halloween go from being scary and spooky to being sexy, funny, and glamorous? I mean someone please explain that one.(Although I probably already know the answer!)

BTW, Hekt, hope all is well in your corner of the world. Sure have missed yaking with ya! ;0)

Nana Net

HektikLyfe said...

>Jorja: I think that's the same thing we're doing this year. I am still going to run little speakers around the house to freak out the kids.

>Jose: I wonder if the date rape frequency is high during that season.

>Sarah: I have noticed that. Sometimes I guess it can be the "theme" but it seems to be the norm and not the exception. We get ads every week with scans of Halloween costumes for kids and whores.

>Nana: Good to see you back! I was beginning to think you lost interest. :) All is well. Excited about Halloween decorating but worried about not being able to go overboard this year. :(

SWM said...

Too many times I have seen girls dress way to sexy that basically they are wanting to be seen.

When guys dress up they try to go for funny, but women go for sexy Why is that???

I have a halloween party coiming up and was going to go as a blue emu or Storm trooper from Start Wars?? What else could I go as

HektikLyfe said...

>SWM: Here is the dangerous thing about that. If you catch a woman that likes to be seen, somehow most men imagine that when they are caught they will somehow magically lose that desire.

Though I don't normally quote ignorant rap music, "You can't turn a ho into a housewife" hasn't ever been more true than in that particular scenario which occurs far too often.

Some people think its simply marketing.

Well, I like Star Wars but I think a Storm trooper would be restrictive. You can't dance, you can't eat and you can't go to the bathroom. That and I don't think too many ladies would be impressed with you.

I know its not a sex party but it sure makes the social gatherings more enjoyable if you have someone talking to you.

I answer your great question regarding why people dress a certain way in a blog titled An Amateur Psychoanalysis of Halloween Costumes. Thanks for the inspiration!