Monday, November 3, 2008

All caught up!

Wow, you guys have been active! I don't really post on the weekends so come Monday it becomes a rush to catch up with what everyone else has been writing. I can catch the occasional breath at work and it has been quite the challenge to do so and still comment on everyone's blogs.


Hopefully everyone had a great holiday and let me know what you think of the new format. Is it easy on the eyes or hard to read? I know it is a bit simplistic but I didn't want anything too busy since I write so dang much.

Speaking of dang... Is anyone offended by the use of bad words? I don't use them often but sometimes people find them more entertaining. They do tend to get a strong message across. Should I watch my mou..fingers or do you all not care?


Iris said...

I like the new format.

I don't mind the cuss words when you are writing. Not offended by them.

Dawnie said...

I hate to admit but I have the worst potty mouth in the USA! I'm not kidding..I have to ask God for forgiveness on an hourly basis. I grew up in an Italian household and my grandparents used cuss words like they were a nice part of the language.

this is very easy to read..its amazing how much stuff you can do with blogs!

Jessica said...

I'm loving the new format. sometimes simple is better. I find that it's easier for me to read this way.
I'm not so much offended by bad words as long as they're not used in every sentence, or every other word. it's annoying when people write too many bad words. so, if used sparingly, they may help to enhance the message you're trying to send.

Andrea.Sombody said...

I like your new layout c:

And I'm not really shocked by your language. I think it just adds to your personality.

Docteur Glamour said...

I did a lot of posts this weekend, but because of my laziness, did not work on my story. :P Yeah, I like the new layout. It's easy to read, which is nice. I don't mind cuss words, though I usually stay away from them, especially in public. LOL

ryan said...

simple is good.

swearing (also a simple thing), no worries, as someone else mentioned, as long as it isn't every other word.

i did freak out when i couldn't find the comment section. okay, maybe i didn't really freak out, but i was confused for about 4 seconds.

looks like you'll need to set up multiple systems to handle all your blogging needs like that warcraft guy and his dozen or so accounts.

ryan said...

was glancing through your shelfari...
you've read some good ones.

i really enjoyed ender's game and ender's shadow.

you ever read any of the old spelljammer novels? i think there were like 6 in the series or something.

HektikLyfe said...

>Iris: Cool. Now I have to work on reducing the size of my posts.

>Dawnie: I don't know, perhaps its so much time spent in the movie theaters but Italians should have special permission to curse. It is so entertaining its easy to forgive. ;)

>Jessica: Cool. It looks like the new format is approved across the board. Glad to hear.

>Andrea: Thank you. I'm looking to try to add a read more function which will go well with the comment link at the top.

>Docteur: I agree, public cussing is another matter entirely. You offend everyone near you. If you're not exclusively amongst friends you need to watch your mouth I think.

>Ryan: I couldn't see myself paying for that game on a monthly basis. If it were free like Guild Wars I would definitely try it though. I've never heard of Spelljammer. I did a quick search in Shellfari and came up with a bunch of different stuff. Who is the author you are thinking of?

Sarah Jane said...

This new format is very easy on the eyes.
I don't know if I have ever heard you cuss, even when speaking! But I wouldn't be offended.

Farhan said...

I like this new layout. Simplicity is genius.

Like someone already said, I don't mind bad words as long as they aren't used in every sentence. But hey, I don't remember seeing you write any bad words anyway.

The Diva on a Diet said...

You're right, I haven't been around and I'm sorry ... things have gotten a bit busy. Who said this blogging thing was easy? LOL

Meanwhile, I like your new layout and don't even get me started on the cursing ... the air around me is quite blue if that tells you anything! ;)


Angela said...

I don't care about cussing. I do an average amount of swearing in my day-to-day life, but for some reason, seeing swearing in print rubs me the wrong way. I think I appreciate someone's words more when they can make a point without cursing, it just seems more respectable to me. In a blog format, why take out the time to physically t-y-p-e out the cussing when you can sit down and write something thoughtful and meaningful? But that's just me. I mean, I have a curse word prominently featured on my blog at the moment, so it's not like I am offended by it.

HektikLyfe said...

>Sarah: Hmmm, I do say them a lot. I think I am fully aware of the fact that I am doing it though so publicly I am careful to not let it happen. You haven't seen me working on PC hardware or putting up a bathroom door. :)

>Farhan: Its simple and clean but I must add some ads for a little revenue. The inspiration to curse came from a blog my wife found very entertaining. I am not trying to duplicate it but it was the free spirit type mentality that she seemed to enjoy. I thought if I let go a little some people might not take me as uptight.

>Diva: Great to see you back. On occasion I am known to take a break or two from blogging myself. Usually on weekends. :)

>Angela: You make a great point. When you see the word in print it DOES make it permanent and it almost seems out of context or unnecessary. Sometimes though I type as quickly as the words come into my mind and I, on occasion, have to filter my language. I thought, "What if I just lax my filters a little bit?" would it harm my style? Would it add? I don't know.

The occasional bad word has the power to drive the point home you know?