Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Movies: 27 Dresses

During our first few years in our new home we tried to save as much money as we could by staying in. We had Netflix and we spent many, many hours watching T.V. shows and classic movies. My wife hadn't seen many of the great ones so I had fun watching them for the first time with her. I thought it would be fun to watch a television series straight through and I remembered one called Roswell that was pretty popular while I was in college. This is how we were introduced to Katherine Heigl. The television show was a little corny but it had characters that grew on you.

27 Dresses hopes to achieve the same level of succes as a previous movie of the same genre. As you can tell by the humble second title there above the movie name. My wife was the first to notice. I mistakenly thought it was a "industry saying." :)

This movie has its likeable characters in realistic scenarios making the movie entertaining enough. To watch once. Katherine's portrayal of a kind, selfless girl makes her very likable albeit a bit gullible. It was all thrown away though with a single word at the end. More. Blegh.

Watch it with your significant other if you have to but there are better romantic comedies out there. Katherine Heigl could definitely do better. Her acting is NOT to blame for this low score. The over-publicized screenwriter is. One thing I was happy about was that they didn't "throw a bone" to the boyfriends/husbands watching this movie with a gratuitous pillow fight or something equally moronic. I like to imagine it is because they had more respect for us.

Sidenote: Ever notice how certain actors/actresses have characters with the same name frequently? I wonder if this is coincidental, as a nod to fans, or it just makes it easier for them to memorize their lines.
  1. Wuthering Heights (2003) (TV) .... Isabel Linton
  2. "Grey's Anatomy" .... Dr. Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens
  3. "Roswell" .... Isabel Evans


Iris said...

OMG your stars are so scurry :S
I didn't like it much either. I agree with your score. Hmm...maybe her name is Izzie cuz she does kinda look like one.

I did like the little evil sister character though :)

HektikLyfe said...

That chick has had some weird surgery done to her face though she had a strange expression throughout the entire movie.

Dawnie said...

I still havent seen that movie. I tend to use the cold weather months to catch up on movie watching. In the summer i'm out and about to much.

A surprise movie for me recently that I liked was Baby Mama. I thought it was gonna be a joke of a movie but it was actually pretty darn enjoyable, even hubby liked it.

Nana Net said...

My husaband & I seen this one on our flight back from Vegas back in May. It is not one that we cared for. Nothing really too funny about it.

Now myself, would recommend watching the movie called "kingdom Come." It kept us (as well as others) in stitches throughout the whole movie! That Whoopi Goldberg stars in it. Plus some other very good actors and actresses.

If you want to ask about any other ones let me know. Cause I do love to watch movies and have over 250 of them here at home. :0) All kinds except for your Sci-Fi ones.

HektikLyfe said...

>Dawnie: My wife wanted to watch Baby Mama. I think it is in our Netflix queue. I try to be picky about the romantic comedies we watch. Some of them can be absolute garbage. This one I do want to see though.

>Nana: Hmmm, Whoopi Goldberg sends up red flags for me. The last movie of hers I enjoyed was Sister Act. On MySpace my wife and I created a movie group which was based around reviews of both new and old movies that we suggest people watch. The rare gems that people don't hear about or don't remember. That was a lot of fun. We actually watched some movies we never would have heard about through suggestions by members of the group. I really do miss it.

Since you can't really have that same format here on blogger perhaps I should start a Meme of our own. Suggested movie of the week perhaps?

Pookalou said...

Well I guess I'm the only one that liked the, but I like movies like that. My husband didn't care for it. If I had actually gone to the theater and paid the ticket price, I would have been disappointed. I base movies on theater worthy or just rentable.

Nana Net said...

Hey at least give the movie a try. I mean there are some that I do not care for but are quite surprised when I do watch them! One movie that my hubby did not want any part of watching was called "The Birdcage" with Robin Williams in it. All becasue he played the part of a gay man. Anyway, once I rented it, he watched it and low and behold, he could not help but laugh his arse off! Needless to say it has become part of my collection and we do watch it from time to time when we need a good laugh!

I do like your idea on the "Meme!"

HektikLyfe said...

>Pookalou: I'm totally with you on that. My wife and I both make comments like that. "It was nice but I'm glad we waited for it on DVD." Or when we are in the theater and we decide to stop watching a preview we decide to wait or watch it in the theater then we don't want any previews for it.

>Nana net: Oh we WILL give it a try. Don't get my dislike for Whoopi as disinterest in the movie. I loved the Wedding Singer but I hate Adam Sandler. Yeah, the Birdcage. I remember that one. I felt the same way. It wasn't that he was a gay man. It was because he was an overweight hairy gay man. XP I didn't want to see short shorts on this guy!

Meme poll is out for a stroll.