Saturday, March 7, 2009

Buy American

Not really known for my National Pride, I know when certain things must be done.

Right now the entire world is suffering financially. I reside in one of the richest countries in the world and one could argue that the fate of the financial stability of the entire world rests on the future of this country I live in.

For that reason alone I have tried my best to make little choices that I think may benefit the country in the long run.

Whenever I can, I try to buy products from companies that employ humans that live here. I live in a nation of consumers and have found out that it is near impossible to buy exclusively American made products.

Keep your 40 cent discount Wal-Mart! I would be willing to pay a dollar more for my products if I knew it stayed within our borders. Sure a dollar won't go far but if it is done en-mass it damn well will. The greedy corporations though don't even give us that option.

I've searched a little for websites that may help me find stores that support U.S. made products and have only come across crap like this. Is this all that is left? Are homegrown products doomed to live a life of obscurity in an apparently 3rd world developed website?

We're in serious trouble if we don't change the way we think right away. We can't just wait around for whoever is in office to save us. They don't have that much power to begin with.

Don't just go out and buy to jump start the economy. Go out and buy smart.


Anonymous said...

I've been holding back the same rant for MONTHS!!!

Here's some links that might help

Marcy said...

My dad has been ranting about this since the 70s.

Does this include buying Hondas that are assembled in America?

Douglas said...

My father complained about the Japanese products flooding our markets in the early 50s. He retired from selling products (clothing, toys, hobby kits, etc) made all over the world. It is sad to see mass production shrinking in this country but it is a result of the (once) ever improving wage and benefit standards for the American worker. Still, as Marcy points out, foreign manufacturers can make a go of it here. Consider that Sony, Toyota, Honda, and BMW all have plants in this country. And, in spite of the origin of products, the sale of these products provides jobs for our economy too. It's more complex than we would like to think, than our emotions allow for.

BTW, Wal Mart is not alone in selling products made outside the US. Virtually all the large chains do so. Wal-Mart is more efficient and has the purchasing power to keep prices low. Sears was the first store I found foreign made clothing in, many decades ago. Then there's Target and K-Mart, both of which kept their prices down by buying their goods from offshore. This is nothing new and nothing Wal-Mart did.

China said...

Yes, invest in the American Economy. I work with in the financial services industry helping people invest and save for college and retirement and it is unbelievable how many clients have called in the last few months and wanted to take all their money out. Not because they needed it to live on, but because they thought it wasn't safe. Well, if it isn't safe invested in diversified mutual fund portfolios that are vested in our economy where ARE you going to put it? A hole in the backyard?
If everyone dumped their investments and took out their savings, we would ALL be in a big mess. Invest in our economy because it's the only one we've got!

Nana Net said...

It is so hard to find anything made in America anymore. Even trying to find the items you need to grown your own veggies too!!! Lord help us all is what I say. Glad to see you blogging more. I sure have missed ya Hek!

HektikLyfe said...

>Rebecca: Yeah. It shouldn't be such a hassle.

>Marcy: I think if there are manufacturers that at least employ American workers then it would be a lesser evil. At least it is paying here.

>Douglas: My choice to buy American isn't emotional at all. I have no emotional attachment to the country which is why I discussed my confusion over National Pride near the beginning of the blog. The truth of the matter is that we are experiencing a financial crisis and every little bit helps. If it were made here, it would feed the family of the person who manufactured the product. Not just the salesman.

I'm aware that Wal-Mart isn't the only company doing this. It is hard to find American made products anywhere because EVERYONE is doing it. I jabbed Wal-Mart because they are known for their insignificantly lower prices and vampirical business model.

>China: Did you see all those people pulling their money out of Washington Mutual? I guess they never read the giant FDIC logos everywhere. You should have heard what the people being interviewed were saying.

>Nana: :) I have 5 current posts just sitting there, waiting to be completed. I've just been ridiculously busy.

eizzy.k said...

"dont just go out and buy...go out and buy smart"
A hekitkyfe quoteable!!!
...appiles not only to this time of crisis but 4 everyday life!

Anonymous said...

your new little person on the right looks a bit like a teenage werewolf! :)

Haven't tried vinegar but I used to have a friend who drank it coz she liked it. Few years later she got an ulcer.

Vaseline hand lotion? Interesting. I'm using Neutrogena SPF 15 at the moment.

Thanks for the digg page, will have a look immediately!

Here's one for you got it off AV - very funny.