Thursday, July 24, 2008


3X Thursday

1. What are your favorite kinds of plant life (plants, flowers, etc)? Why?
Ferns and palm tree's. They look so fresh. I don't like flowers with pollen and disgusting insect like features. I like smooth, fruit texture like rain forest jungle type plants. AND Pine trees. I love pine trees on a windy day in the mountains. As my Godson called them, "The water in the sky."

2. Do you associate any memories with certain things (flowers, objects, etc)? Any you'd care to share?Very frequently. Cheeseburger's with my other Godson. It was a marching song, diaper toddler trip to lunch while I was taking care of him for my cousin while I was going to college. Certain cologne's with different era's of my youth. Certain shampoo's with certain old friends.

3. By what method do you keep track of your memories (blogs, scrapbooks, etc)? If you don't do anything to preserve your memories, how do you keep track of them? Does it matter to you?Photography. My memories mean EVERYTHING to me. If my photo's were destroyed or lost in some other catastrophe, I would be devastated. I am weak that way. I even keep photographs of bad memories. They are all a part of my life. I have pictures of people who have betrayed me and my family. Things were different then. I don't forgive them but that is no reason to erase that entire part of my life. I refuse to give them that much power.

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Farhan said...

1. Acacia trees are my favourite. An acacia tree with the sunset in the background is one of the most beautiful sceneries Mother Nature has to offer.

2. I associate palm trees with one of the BEST vacations I have been on in my life so far. It was at the Whispering Palms Beach Resort in Goa. When I go back to Goa some day, that is where I will be staying again. There are many more associations I make.

3. Memories are EXTREMELY important to me. But unfortunately, I don't write in my journal anymore. And the problem is I don't like taking pictures and I don't like being in pictures. There is one exception though. I video record my dad speaking from time to time. I love to hear him speak about his experiences. Especially about his travels and his career.