Monday, December 5, 2011

[Edit Friends] (2-1-7) 47 Reads

(Update:  This one will only make sense if you had a classic MySpace profile.)

Current mood:mischievous I was going through my end of the month dust bunny sweep up and I got an idea.  A long time ago I wrote a blog requesting for people to post some comments that I can use in a real About Me section.

Thank you Wife and Sarah!  (The only two who submitted their truthful positive and negative descriptions of me.)

Well now I'm going to do a real Friend List.

I am going to post the names of the friends and acquaintances I have with a tiny little snippet about who they are and what they mean to me.

Are you nervous?  

  • Jenny Girl First of all - you are so damn witty and clever.  (And you can quote me on that!)
    I love what you said about me... "Friend-in-law, MySpace acquaintance and regular blogger."  Friend-in-law... now that is wit and clever at the top of the game!
    If you believe in Astrology, Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury - God of Communication, and I think your ability to command communication through the art of writing is brilliant. Sincerely. You're a great writer and I enjoy everything you post.
    You seem very much grounded, balanced and aware.  I like that.  Not to mention, you're lucky in love with a great gal... who could ask for much more.
    - Jenny Girl, your friend-in-law

  • Bring me water, aww.. thanks for mentioning me!
  • witchy woman So I was thinking, honest, caring, cute , good old school friend, whatever you post about me, I have faith that it will be just fine. I am not worried, you are a good guy.
    • HektikLyfe I posted it on the front page right below the About Me: section so you can check it out now.
      4 years ago

    Apple Something LOL@Blunt.  Its funny that that is the only word you used to describe me as a person.  Thanks!
    • Apple Something I was 99% kidding.  Don't take that 1% to heart. 
      And hey, the idea to do that on your page is a great one. 
      4 years ago

      HektikLyfe Awww hey I hope you're at least a little kidding.  I spent so much time in the formatting of the table I tried to keep the text short and sweet.  In one of the twenty attempts to send out a bulletin (freakin' MySpace) I had stated that I was going to add more later.  I wanted to get it finished and posted.  I wanted to do a who they are column and what they mean to me but I couldn't get three columns to fit in the limited space so they kind of melded into one.

      Blunt is NOT the only word t
  • Where are you posting the details?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Free eBook

"1970's Buenos Aires based mystery."

Not usually what I post but what the hell right?  Some of you may be readers.  Enjoy.  It will only be free for a while.  Click on the picture to go to the download page.  You must create a Barnes & Noble account which is free as is the Barnes & Noble applications you need to read them.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Guestbook (Originally Published 6/13/2008 4:00 p.m.)

Damn.  That *Important Update button there?  Once clicked it sends you to this.

"IMPORTANT UPDATE: will be shutting down on March 6th 2012. Please click here to start exporting your content prior to this date or it will be lost. Thanks for using!"


This Guestbook was the BEST way for me to personify the comments and readers of my blog.  That going away will be a loss.  I'm trying to find a way to download whatever data I had but I don't remember what user account I used with them.  It was over 3 years ago!

This was cool and one of the many reasons it sucks to have content in the cloud.  Clouds dissipate.

Here is what I was able to save.  Thanks to everyone who participated. :)



Goodbye Guestbook!