Wednesday, October 8, 2008

90% Girls

UPDATE: This poll took place from 10-8-08 to 10-15-08. Below are the results.

I think I am sexist. I think I may be a male chauvinist. The reason I am not clear on the issue is because by definition both sexism and chauvinism imply that one would believe one gender is SUPERIOR to the other.

THAT, I don't believe. I do, however, believe that there are clear differences. When I point them out they may be politically incorrect. I don't see them as harmful in nature though so where does this put me?

I have always written blogs straight from the heart and mind with every intention to ignite a response from my readers. Some times I have been more rash than others but usually there has been a little meatball nugget of truth in the spaghetti.

A quick browse through my followers will show you that there are many more female readers than male. A huge difference than there was on MySpace, MSN Spaces, HI5 or even BlogSome. Not afraid of change I figured, "I must cater to my audience while still maintaining my personality." I have a woman at home, a great one by the way, so who better to ask for topic advice than she?

We were both working at the time and I sent her an e-mail titled "90% Girls" referring to the majority of female readers of this blog. I labeled it that fully conscious of that fact that some women find the term "girl" to be demeaning.

Never a touchy one myself I figure people won't find that offensive. A majority of you here are new to me though and I don't know you all that well so I figured what better question to ask to gauge the sensitivity of my new audience.


Iris said...

Nice! Can't wait to see what your readers have to say. For me, the term girl doesn't bother me. But today, a top sales man called me sweetie...arghhH! That word kills me. When I use that word, it's always toward people I really care about and LOVE. So when someone I barely know, uses it ewww. It sounds so demeaning.

Sarah said...

Doesn't bother me.

I'd rather be called "girl" than "Ma'am"

HektikLyfe said...

>Iris: Oh man I didn't even think about the fact that there are worse things to be called. I remember a Verizon Rep called me "sweetie" in a very demeaning tone. It was part of the reason I canceled all service with them. It wasn't so much the word though, she could have said "sir" just as rudely. I could only imagine having to deal with the things you ... female gender humans ... have to deal with. "Hot Stuff." XD

>Sarah: The age thing. That's tough. I'm bothered but in a different way. When a young whipper snapper calls me sir part of me wants to slap him but I'm afraid my hand will be coated in acne excretions.

Wow. That was both mean and disgusting. Perhaps I was a bit sensational?

HektikLyfe said...

I wonder who said men should be castrated? It would be really eye opening to hear their opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a funny blog. It doesn't matter what your referred to sweetie, hon , girl, ma'am, it really depends on the context and the person saying it. If the guy is sexist no matter what he calls you his personality will reflect it. Your not wrong to say there are clear differences in men and women because there are. And thank goodness, I couldn't stand it if my husband was feminine. Perhaps it is the women with the problem when they get offended at every man that knowingly or unknowingly uses an expression they find offensive.