Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blurb: Self Restraint

Sometimes I forget that people are different. What doesn't offend me might be offensive to someone else. Now that doesn't make me a better person than them but it DOES offer me the opportunity to learn from them and become a better person internally.

I may have unintentionally offended a few bloggers that I admire recently by doing exactly what I know I would appreciate. I must learn to keep certain aspects of my personality bottled up here locally instead of letting it explode in other forums.

This is why I created this place after all. Perhaps my rough, combative nature forged in rude forums has created a monster. :)


Sarah Jane said...

I thought you wanted to be that way so you could have stimulating comment conversations. If everyone agrees with you, it isn't as fun, is it?

HektikLyfe said...

Yeah my mistake is I took it elsewhere. I sure have a right to say whatever I want but I made the mistake of going to someone else' home to argue. Na-mean?

I will continue to be myself here but have to learn to have a little more respect for others elsewhere. At least on their own websites. XD