Monday, October 13, 2008

An Amateur Psychoanalysis of Halloween Costumes

SWM posed a great question on my blog.

"When guys dress up they try to go for funny, but women go for sexy Why is that?"

I think it really is different for everyone. BUT frequently it is a reflection of how they see themselves or how they wish they were.

The girls. As professional as they may be, women rarely lose the desire to be admired. That is generations of conditioning that can't be lost by a professional education.

So you can generalize and not be off the mark by too much.
  • The sexy cop - Someone slightly domineering but still needs acceptance and to be admired for their physical beauty/attributes.
  • The sexy nurse - Someone who really enjoys helping people but again, has a need to be admired.
  • The sexy vampire - Whoa. Watch out for this girl. She does some crazy things and is very confident with herself, but still, needs admiration.
See the pattern?

For men, this is much easier but at the same time, more varied.
  • The superhero - Over-confident, wants all women to come to them for everything but fly's off when the going gets tough.
  • The funny guy - Usually not so confident and tries to win women over with their quirky sense of humor.
  • The dark monk or evil guy - This guy doesn't care anymore. He prefers to be shielded and scary to protect himself from his low self-esteem. It is the one night he can feel mighty and powerful but still hide behind a mask.
Notice though, when a costume is REALLY popular or gets the attention of everyone at the office party, it is because of one of two things.
  1. It is extraordinarily extravagant or,
  2. It is nothing like the person you thought you knew.
"Wow did you see Jim? I had no idea he was so funny!"

A reflection of one's personality, or depending on the quantity of Joker's this year, total lack of one.

I've worn my share of protective masks. I've done the dark and done the silly. It usually DOES reflect my mood or personality at the time. Never the loudest, never the most extravagant. Always,

somewhere in the middle.


Iris said...

Wow! You're good. :)

_-*Kristen*-_ said...

yea you have a point here. i think that for most people it depends on what they feel like underneath, or wish what they were like in real life. i remember wanting to be cinderella for 3 years in a row because i wanted to have my prince come and sweep me away...

HektikLyfe said...

That makes perfect sense.

I think I did a James Dean type character one year. I felt like a rebel because I was different by following certain rules I set for myself and outcast by my extended family for being a bit different.

I wonder what my reggae Bob Marley type costume was reflecting... :S Carefree? Anti-establishment?

Dawnie said...

my husband always goes for funny or scary...and I always go for funny. I've never wanted to do the sexy thing because I look at Halloween Parties as Fun, not wanting t draw attention to myself. And as a female that was always told in my younger years how attractive I was, I actually felt self-conscious about drawing anymore attention to myself. I think women end up frustrated with women who are to provacative.

aJILLity said...

hmm...I totally agree too. But what about a dirtbike chick? haha...I steal my boyfriend's gear and suit up. But I'm still not a fan of Halloween-being scared is not my thing :(

HektikLyfe said...

>Dawnie: Thanks for the comment! I can see how girls would become frustrated with the sexy girls. As a girl, you can't say anything because she will automatically think you hate her because "she is beautiful." They really change the atmosphere of the party.

>Ajillity: Welcome back! Is it a sexy dirtbike chick or just a normal dirtbike chick? If normal, then that would really depend on their attitude at the party. If they are silly about it then they are probably really girly girls who like to play around and wear their mans shirt around the house. If they are playing a serious role, possible dominatrix's who have experimented. As a real rough generalization of course.

I don't like being SCARED but I do like the creepy atmosphere. The shock isn't the good part. I think its because I was obsessed with The Sleepy Hollow as a kid.

Nana Net said...

Being a Ghost is what I would prefer most of the time! Why? That way I can just peep out from inderneath the sheet and see everyone! Then they can not see me so to speak! That is exactly how big or small my body is or exactly what all I truly look like. Therefore I still remain a mystery! "0)

HektikLyfe said...

Nothing wrong with being a ghost. I was a "ghost" for a few years. You know, the last minute ghost with off center scissor holes in a stinky, dingy off-white blanket that your mom makes because they believe Halloween costumes are a waste of money.

Yeah. I was a broke ass homeless ghost.

Nana Net said...

Oh my with the economy as bad as it it, we all might wind up a homeless ghost!

HektikLyfe said...

No kidding!

HektikLyfe said...

Hmmm, I just found the politically correct version of my blog on MSN.

Angela said...

HA! I was really close to going as a ghost too. Then I was thinking of going as a bomber pilot because I wanted an excuse to buy myself a nice leather bomber jacket, but in the end I settled for Rosie the Riveter because I already have everything I need at home. That's how I found your blog, through Iris' Rosie hair video.