Thursday, February 26, 2009

Watchless Watch

My favorite watch isn't even a watch. This bluetooth device tells you who's calling on a sweet LCD Caller ID and even has a little button that allows you to hang up and put the caller directly to voice mail without forcing you to dig your phone out of your pocket or take it out of its sleeve.

NICE! Plus its only $50. Negatives? It doesn't tell you the time...but meh, who cares about time anyway?

You could also get it for $32.50 with a different strap.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Of Women and Shoes

It is a common belief and joke that women are obsessed with shoes. While I've never really placed much faith in popular perception, I have noticed a few things about girls and shoes.

I have seen the shoes that some girls like. Shoes that are not too extravagant but still original and even a little flashy. They usually fall within short range of comfort and style but usually lean more towards style than comfort.

From a guys perspective I just wanted to share what I see. I hope this will give women an interesting (albeit slightly) new understanding of men and how some of them see women's shoes.

First of all, no, I don't have a toe or shoe fetish. I just thought I would make that clear. So you can understand why I see things the way I do I can summarize what my clothes means to me personally in a couple of percentages.

Comfort 90%
Style 10%

What does that mean? Well, when I buy clothes for myself, I make sure it is ultra-comfortable first, THEN I decide whether its too ugly to wear. Clean clothes goes without saying of course.

With that in mind you could understand my confusion when it comes to women and clothes. I've seen the stuff you girls wear. That shit isn't comfortable at all! High heels? Tight clothes that you can't even move around freely with?

Lets stay focused on the shoes for now. Many times I've heard girls say "Oh wow those shoes are cute!" or "Look at those shoes they are so pretty!" The typical man in me looks at both, red strappy shoes and thinks the following things;

That's the same shit.
One pair has one more strap than the other.
Why does this pair cost more when it has less material than the first?
This pair of shoes isn't going to make you look any prettier.
Can you run faster in these shoes or something?

Or I could get really bad and think things like;

Are those special high heels designed to help you reach things in the top kitchen cabinet?

Which gets me to thinking. If not utility, then what purpose do they serve?

Women's shoes are so different and drastic in their design for a reason. The shoe "designers" want you to buy as many different pairs as possible. They greatly reduce the range of use to make sure that you are limited with their potential outfit combinations.

So do women really choose their shoes based on their level of attractiveness?

If I were to create a woman from head to toe, her shoes wouldn't be top priority. I wouldn't be thinking, "You know what would complete this package? A pair of strappy red high heels to complete that look of back aching discomfort."

I would put her in some comfortable tennis shoes.

Sure I can admire elegance. I can admire it. From a distance. I can see how it looks "pretty" I guess. I wouldn't though, consider it especially attractive. I wouldn't compare two identical women and think that one would "win" because they had pumps.

Thats not to say I can't see the benefits of a dress. I think sun dresses are great and I personally believe my wife looks her best when she's wearing them.

After a bit of introspection I have come to the conclusion that I am most attracted to women who dress with the same scruples as I do. That doesn't mean I find a girl in baggy jeans and a Gorrillaz shirt sexy. I do think, however, that it is my female dress equivalent/counterpart that I search for when I think of "pretty."

Is that weird? Is that the case for everyone? What does it say about me? Does it say anything at all or am I reading to much into it?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten Things I Love With The Letter "B"

I was scanning the most recent posts from my favorite bloggers and I found this cool little one on Dawnie's page.

I didn't find any rules so I will make them up.

Post 10 things you love/like/enjoy that start with the letter "B" and tag ten people. :) Simple....or is it?

If you want to play,

1. Booties. Hey...I'm a guy and I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoy admiring a healthy booty. I just happen to be very lucky that I don't have to stray far from home to find the best. :)

2. Burgers. I love a great cheeseburger!

4. Bideogames... I know, that's cheating. I guess B-Flick horror movies then.

5. Barbershop Quartets. I wouldn't buy the music, but I enjoy a good harmony.

6. Beds. I love me some comfortable beds!

7. Bagels. Water bagel with cream cheese please!

8. Back massages. I LOVE THEM!

9. Baggy jeans. I REFUSE to outgrow them!

10. Boobies. Hey...I got away with the booties...

I tag;

Sarah Jane
Simply Andréa
Rebecca Rodgers
Cristina Kalpa

I am truly sorry for excluding one of my most loyal readers from this list. I try to select a wide variety of different people every time so that they don't get sick of being tagged all the time. Vivienne though has already gone and tagged herself to show her enthusiasm for the game so I will award her with a ultra-mega-special-honorary-special-guest tag! That's TWO specials for those keeping track.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dark Places

My life is good. I have a home and a family. Sometimes though I can't help but get sucked into those really sad moments.

When I was a teenager I went through what I believe was a pretty bad depression. I will refrain from calling it a clinical depression since it was never diagnosed as such. Then again, I would doubt that any therapist or psychiatrist would turn down the opportunity to push some drugs on the slightest sign of what they would see as an emotional abnormality. "Oh you're feeling sad? Chaching! Take 2 of these for the rest of your life and call me when you've become addicted and need a higher dosage."

This blog post isn't about facade of a professional called psychiatry, its about the stupidity of sadness and my confusion with it. :) Come take a stroll with me through some of the darker corners of my mind.

I have many reasons to be of good spirits. The past few months I have had a lot of reasons to be very happy. Part of me is usually.

The wife and I were happily watching a movie last night. It was a comedy but it was foreign. Sometimes foreign movies do weird and unexpected things with the plot, which is why we watch them. The movie quickly took a turn for the worse and covered the subject of death from a very, very sad perspective.

I've never dealt well with death. I remember down to the most minute details the moment I realized as a child that my parents would some day die. I felt like the rug of life had just been pulled out from under me. I really don't believe I've even been the same person since then.

While watching the movie I found myself laughing out loud which is something I rarely every do. I guess it just caught me off guard. After the movie I got to thinking about death, sadness, solitude, regret, remorse and all those ugly things that create a dark cloud around you.

If I believed in aura's, I think I would have been shrouded in black. I was completely aware of it. I loathed it and was a little repulsed at myself for feeling that way. Sometimes though it just overwhelms you like a tidal wave you can't control. You see it coming but the wave just pulls you in until you can't fight it anymore and you just let it run its course.

In that moment of darkness I chose to find solitude. Why bring others down with me? Why burden others with my self-pity? It was these others though that helped me stay afloat and get through it as quickly as I did. I kept thinking of them. I kept thinking of my family waiting for me to return from my odyssey into the dark abyss.

They kept me afloat.

Much like a lifeline that my ongoing metaphor is missing. I find that when you anchor your thoughts on those people that don't deserve the misery you could attack them with, you can always find your way back to your home shore.

To all my sad friends; when you feel that all is lost, look to your loved ones as your beacon.