Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Things Guys Shouldn't Wear (6-27-07) 65 Reads

10. Tight T-Shirts – Unless you're gay, stay away from these like the plague.
  9.  Do-rags – Just because one rapper pulled it off doesn't mean you can.  Just comb your hair lazy.
  8.  Pink – Real men wear pink?  I disagree.
  7.  Makeup – Dude it's not ok to wear eyeliner, it's not ok to pluck your eyebrows no matter what your mom says.  Unless you look like caveman and even in that case, just trim.  Don't shave or pluck.
  6.  Earrings – Welcome to 90's.  The earring fad is over.
  5.  Shorts above the knees – Yeah, just don't.
  4.  Golf Pants – It doesn't matter if you're a member of an exclusive club.  You look like a jackass in plaid.

  3.  Iced Grills – NO NO NO NO.  Seriously, who are you impressing wit cho fake ass platinum.  Covering up your stinky cavities or trying ta distrak from yo greazzy ass lips?
  2.  Saggy Pants – We don't need to see your skidmarks buddy.  You walk funny.
  1.  Daisy Dukes – Please, don't make us sick.

  • RAHCOOL Grills are pretty awesome I would say. Everything else I agree.
    • OMG, I never thought you to be the type of person who liked grills.

    • HektikLyfe Are you serious? If you are I would be curious to find out why? I grew up in the era of gold chains and 4 finger rings so I know about the show off attitude that comes from the ownership of bling. But when it comes to something that you keep in your mouth all day, something that keeps you from talking correctly... I just don't get it.

      If it's just to show off how much money they have why can't people just walk around with shirts that have their bank account quantity and proof.

  • Apple Something I'm guilty of loving pink shirts on men :)
    I can live without short sleeved shirts with ties, though. Also, what's with guys who wear thick ass sweatshirts/pullovers in the summer during the hottest time of day??
  • haha..awesome thing you forgot:

    shirtless overalls
    • Wife I think this is ok, as long as the bottom doesn't look like the cut off shorts from the blog.

  • Molly ahhhhhhhhhhh hahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!! #1 is deadddd sexy
  • nine inch nels™ my hair is kinda pink? lol and uh.. i wear eyeliner and pluck/trim my brows...

    I was thinking about pulling off a number 1...

  • Wife I'm giggling too. Good blog.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Druggies...

Apparently those wacky South Americans are getting cheap on us. According to an article in Scientific American there are reports that more people than before are being documented as showing up requiring medical attention.

Their skin is dying and their immunity has been compromised.

This isn’t a blog about me feeling sorry for these people by the way. Just in case you didn’t know me by now. This risk is attributed to internal bleeding from small blood vessels which causes a rash on the skin that looks like this.

Drug manufacturers are diluting their cocaine using a veterinary deworming medication called levamisole. This particular medication has yet another interesting side effect. “..a sometimes fatal lowered count of white blood cells that are called neutrophils…In one disease, the body’s immune system attacks the skin; in the other, it attacks the bone marrow.”

Why do you do this stupid humans? We are all old enough to know the dangers of drugs. Why do you still take them? Why don’t you just kill yourself? Why make your friends, your family members and tax payers suffer for your idiocy?

Hospital rooms are being occupied by these people!  They made the decision that their experience was worth more than their lives.  Why are we left to pay the consequence?  Perhaps they should be turned away from hospitals so those who actually love life could be left to occupy the rooms and the medical attention.

What do you think?  Too harsh?