Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Was I A Girl In My Previous Life?

Or am I the only guy that will be watching the Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off tonight?

Resistant to it in the beginning, I was drawn into it by the humor and Ian Ziering's, rude and occasionally bigoted Steve Sanders persona. To be completely honest I'd have to admit that Jennie Garth also caught my attention. Never really into blondes myself, she was the exception.

I don't watch much/any T.V. when LOST isn't on so this spin-off came as a total surprise to me. I wouldn't want to watch it at all if it wasn't for the fact that some of the original cast will be returning albeit as special guests. I have NO interest in watching the O.C. renamed so they have a very few short episodes to make or break my interest.

The new cast is already teetering on breaking my interest.

Don't these "kids" look too old? I know the original cast was old too but they "looked" younger. This new cast is only going to get older as time goes on.

Anyone else watching this other than my wife and I?

Edit: Anyone else find it interesting that more than half the show took place OUTSIDE of Beverly Hills? In the show itself they said something like, there's more to life than Beverly Hills. Then why the hell are we watching this show? They went to San Francisco for dinner. They couldn't possibly go (to any interesting place) any further within California then San Francisco.


Written Life said...

See the funny thing with the new cast looking old they are actually around the high school age I think this show is a little to drama infested more so then original because in the original at least there was a solid group of friends.

HektikLyfe said...

Yes my wife and I were of the same opinion. The introduction was a bit rough and some of the characters changed their appearance so much we didn't know who was who until the second hour, and even then the connections were lost with all the betrayals and backstabbings. Isn't it too early to do that already?

I'm all for putting multi-cultural people in the cast but the way they cast the Dixon character seems like a complete token.

Good at sports and martyr who needs to prove himself before being accepted. Meh. I'll be surprised if they keep him for a second season if their is one.

Now an African-American teacher or someone in power would be someone to respect.

What did you guys think of the cameo's?

Iris said...

I think I'm into it. The first part was a little shaky. I almost wanted to turn off the TV and walk away. But then it got interesting. It's no LOST that's for sure. I may be giving it one more chance the next time it's on. Is on every week?

HektikLyfe said...

If it isn't that would be pretty stupid. What excuse would they have for not doing so? Graphics?

All the CG they use on those plastic noses and fabricated complexion too intense to be completed in one week?

peachofatl said...

I enjoyed it, having been an old 90210 fan. Love that they brought Brenda and Kelly back. Check out my opinions on men at www.singlesatlanta.blogspot.com

HektikLyfe said...

I found myself enjoying the scenes with the classic characters more. I would rather see a 90210 reunion show than a spin-off, wouldn't you?

Where are they now. Even if it isn't in High School but a Desperate Housewives type thing. I think it would have been a success.

Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - Good Yarns.

I won't be watching the new version although I admit to watching the original. Any show involving teens now is too edgy and angst ridden, it always makes me wonder how they function in such a world. I suppose that's the drama of television. However, I do have my guilty pleasure called reality tv.

HektikLyfe said...

They don't have edgy and angst ridden jobs to pay for all the fancy things they parade around.

Iris said...

I am interested in a 90210 reunion rather than the spin off. But it sure did help the show, by bringing in all of the oldschool 90210 faithful watchers to the new show :)

Sarah Jane said...

I am not interested in the new show. But I did watch the Labor Day marathon of the original on Soap Net a few days ago and loved it. Someone commented above about teen shows being full of angst (I think?) and I have to agree. These new teen shows make teens seem more mature than they really are and I don't respect that, one, because it's not true, and two, because I don't want it to influence teen viewers to grow up too fast. And now I've gotten off subject :P