Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rough Rentals

The place where I work requires a lot a walking. There are more than 10 clusters of buildings many of which I have to get through to get where I am going, every day.

Because of this we have a little golf cart to get around. One much like this one.

Minus the Escalade-ness of course.

There are traffic rules you need to know and a "test" you need to pass before you get your "license" to drive these vehicles in the...area. When driving it, I notice that I treat the little car really rough like. If I had paid for it with my own money, I would never drive the little guy the way I do, but it is so much fun.

Every time I turn a specific corner where the sidewalk meets the road, I visualize myself launching that sucker at least 4 whole inches into the sky! Anyone who knows me, knows I'm no daredevil by any means. But this safe little vehicle just inspires you to play out mini-scenes of Dukes of Hazzard or The Italian Job.

That got me thinking, why do people treat rental cars like crap? What inner desire do we satisfy by driving cars hard? I know I would never want to buy a car that was previously a rental. 10,000 miles in a car owned by one person are much better than 10,000 hard miles driven by renters.

They could be one in the same. The people that mistreat the rentals baby their own. Is it only because we know we won't have to pay for the damages or is it something deeper, more sinister?

Vengeance against all the car troubles we've previously had with lemons or flat tires? An act of war against poor innocent cars everywhere?

Lets take it easy folks, cars are people too!


Iris said...

I never knew that that's how you drove those!

I don't think I have ever mistreated a rental. I know I feel better traveling in one because, like you said, if something happens, I won't have to pay for it.

HektikLyfe said...

That's how you drive them in Mario Kart!

carlos said...

your comment hit it on the nose.
its one of the times you can drive a real vehicle the way you drive a virtual vehicle. or the way stunt drivers do! most of us do get amazed by the cool things we see in movies and the closest we can get to it is by pushing the limits in a car we wont have to fix. so we floor it and then shift, or we push both the brake and the gas and watch the smoke come out! woo hoo! cars are NOT people. they are machines without feelings. someone else will fix them! as long as you buy the "insurance", everyone profits! oh and digressing... those are GOLF carts. if you go golfing with your brother, you can drive them OFFROAD! AND!!! "my favorite" you can DRINK and DRIVE, just dont spill your drink :-)

HektikLyfe said...

If you treat a car badly, it will treat you badly. Sounds like people to me.

Golfing? Meh.

Sure its got golf carts but it also has two things that don't mix well with me.

Sports and mornings.

ryanmortinson said...

i agree. i hate... well, strongly dislike golf (miniature golf is pretty fun when you dress up like a ninja and sneak around all the holes and you happen to have a date with you who is also dressed as a ninja who is also sneaking around the course and hiding behind the fake bushes).

i own a little scooter i bought for $200 bucks. it was salvaged from a junk yard. but let me tell you. i love that thing. i put gas and oil into it and it will probably live another 50 years. i also don't worry about anyone stealing it. and if i get a scratch... who cares. which also means i drive it much more recklessly than my other bikes.

i think people have more fun when they don't have to think about resale value or repairs.