Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poll: Do You Enjoy a Good Spanking?


Children can be such a pain in the arse. Sometimes while shopping I see them throwing themselves on the floor and the parents just letting them whine, disregarding the annoyance of everyone else shopping.

There is a reason their voices and screams are piercingly harsh. My wife and I believe that when children were raised as a community effort, this sound was a call to arms for all the adults in the area.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have an emergency. Apparently someone has forgotten to feed me."

This would explain while everyone in the blast radius of the screaming child feels the strong desire to push the bad parent out of the way, or do whatever we can to shut that kid up. The constant barrage of noise and our inability to do anything about it because we consider ourselves "civilized" in this day and age, turns our desire to help into anger and frustration.

Speaking of anger and frustration. Do you like to beat your kids?

Well, perhaps not in those exact words but what do you think about spanking? Pick your preferred poll position and proceed to proliferate and punish with appropriate penalties!



Iris said...

Tough one.

I think it's ok to spank as a last resort, depending on the issue and the age. Also, spanking, if any, should never been done in anger. It should never do more than scare the child into stopping their bad behavior. If it doesn't work, look for something else. And if you have to spank, try keeping it to certain body parts, such as the booty or hand (if they are reaching out to an outlet for example.) Even then, I think a loud NO! should be enough.

Growing up, I used to spank my siblings. I am 8 years + older than they are. It was the only form of discipline I knew.

Now as an adult, I realize it really isn't. Children understand more than we give them credit.

I am not a parent, but I can imagine that if parents take time to prepare the children to help them understand ahead of time, what the expectations are and what the consequences are for not cooperating, we all have a better chance of not having to deal with such an issue.

By the way, I think yelling or cussing at your children is JUST as abusive as spanking. So all of the above applies to that as well.

Farhan said...

I think that parents NOT spanking their kids is what is wrong with today's parents. "Go to your room" or facing the corner of the room is nowhere near a punishment. Anyway, if my kids are behaving badly/being disrespectful, I'd talk to them about it, point out the problem and show them what the right thing to do is. If they don't listen, I'd scold them. If the bad behaviour continues even after that, then I'd start smacking. I think spanking your kids is perfectly fine.
My parents are the ones who brought me into this world, they gave me food to eat, clothes to wear, roof to live under, education for the future, taught me how to behave, gave me toys when I was a kid and anything I needed or even wanted. Even if I were to rip my own skin off to make boots for them to wear, that wouldn't be enough to repay what they did for me throughout my whole life. After doing all that they did for me, if I am being disrespectful or doing something that is very wrong, they can damn well smack the hell out of me. They have the right to do so. Just like I have the right to discipline my kids that way.

HektikLyfe said...

>Iris: Wow, great response! Some kids are just rotten and others are wise to manipulation. Some see the punishment and act like they don't care. They think you are doing them wrong instead of write. Like they speak another language.

Kids are like craps. Sometimes, you just ass-out.

>Farhan: ! XD "If the bad behaviour continues even after that, then I'd start smacking." You have quite the way with words! That line made me laugh. :)

Then the line about the skin ripping shut me right up. Holy crap dude. :O That reminds me of the best/saving grace of the Silent Hill movie. *shivers

Its scary these days though. Sometimes you scold and punish and they could just run into the street. The drugs and gangs will take them right in. As will old perverts.

Dangerous games.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger, my parents would spank my siblings and I whenever we did something bad. I used to think that they were mean for doing that to us. But now that I'm older, I realize that they did that for a very good reason, especially because they love us so much.

I see kids today who are totally out of control, disrespectful, disobedient, rude, obnoxious, etc. I believe that the problem comes from a lack of discipline, including spanking. Parents nowadays bribe their children to be quiet, but it only makes things worse because for the child, they see it as a form of encouragement of their outrageous behavior.

I thank God for my parents and for the way they raised my siblings and I. I wouldn't be the kind of person I am today if it weren't for them.

HektikLyfe said...

The real difficult thing is finding the line. Its a very very thin line between punishment and abuse. It can be very difficult to see when you're emotionally involved.

I think the wire hangers, large wooden spoons and metal belt buckles my brother and I were hit with may have crossed the line a bit.

We came out OK, mostly. There is a lot of resentment but we live good lives. I do appreciate what our parents did for us but I do also thing we could have done with just a little bit less.

Sarah Jane said...

I agree with Iris about spanking being a last resort.
But when you're talking about kids who have been let loose to reign over their own lives without manners and discipline of any kind, I think it is useless to spank them. The ones who have had no training or guidance from their idiot parents will not benefit from spanking. It would just be a very short term resolution. It might even make them act out worse than before. They need a strict authority figure to step in and re-train them how to behave and the parents need to go to mommy-daddy bootcamp of some sort.
I can't stand being around bad kids but it's mostly cuz I sit there getting angry at their lazy parents. They are supposed to give their kids a chance by teaching them manners. They're disrespecting their kids by not teaching them and letting them look like little jerks in public.

HektikLyfe said...

Yeah when I'm around bad kids I just look at their parents like, "Hello, can you please leash your trained monster, thank you."