Friday, September 26, 2008

Deals: 9-26-08

XBox 360
Hour of Victory $10
Need for Speed: Carbon $10
Shadowrun $10
Prey $10

HD-DVD Player $40 (Hey this makes a great alternative to playing DVD's through the 360, it saves your built-in laser. Consider it $40 insurance.)

PS3/360 Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway $53
PS3/360 Pure $50
360 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith $30
PC Tomb Raider: Anniversary $8
PC Timeshift $6

360 Ninja Gaiden II $40
360 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 $40

Miscellaneous Online Deals
LITE-ON Black 20x DVD+/-R SATA w/ Lightscribe $26 free 3 day shipping.

Dual iPod dock charger $29 free shipping.
LG Blu-Ray / HD-DVD burner. Yep, convert your HD-DVD's into Blu-Ray $290.

Navigon 5100 $129 free shipping.
Pioneer 5x Blu-Ray burner $140 free 3 day shipping.


Iris said...

Do you have need for speed carbon?

HektikLyfe said...

Yes and no. Isai bought NFS: Carbon and I played through it. It is a great game and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys watching movies like Fast and the Furious or Bullit.

My favorite part of this game is tweaking and upgrading the games, not the actual racing even though the racing in this version was greatly improved over Need for Speed Underground.

Farhan really likes this series too.

Nana Net said...

Thanks for posting about these deals! Will check them out. As you know I do need to save money! LOL
And I have now added ya to my list of my "Checkin' This & That Out!" Hope you don't mind.

HektikLyfe said...

I don't mind at all! In fact I think that's great! Thank you.

Nana Net said...

You are quite welcome!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you actually finished Carbon? I played through the whole game, but am stuck in the very final race with the boss. I got the best car available in the game too, but thats no help. The boss is just as fast as me, no room for error at all. One wrong move and there is no way of catching up.

And you've got that right, Hektik. I really am a big NFS fan. But Most Wanted and Carbon, although good, are NO WHERE near how awesome and fun NFS III: Hot Pursuit was. Underground 1 and 2 and Prostreet are completely useless because they don't have any cops. I am interested in seeing what they will do with Undercover.

HektikLyfe said...

Yeah Carbon was much easier to finish than Most Wanted. Most wanted required so many points to even try the next race.

I am hoping Undercover too will help us relive the glory days of Hot Pursuit.