Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rude Wiggle Waggle Magic

My job, and chosen career really, is really strict when it comes to the way tasks are handed down to me. There is a specific procedure people who require my assistance have to follow.

Certain types don't care. Since I "fix" things they don't understand, they treat me like a mechanic. I can deal with that. There are other, little, nuances though that I think are pretty rude.

As many of you know, I hate using public restrooms. So I don't go unless I HAVE TO GO. So I'm headed off to the restroom and someone stops me while they are having a conversation with someone else. Not especially rude on its own but the little wave. The little twingling fingers that are meant to hold me in place... IRK!

There was this wave that apparently excused any necessity for kindly forgiving words for their interruption of whatever task I had at hand, crappy as it may have been. Like the way a rich French person would wave off a lowly and insignificant failure of a waiter that brought piecemeal garbage to their dinner table.

Well POO POO on vous! I will not let you ruin my day with your cursed magic spell!

I could have helped them, but I refused to. I forced them to follow procedure which could have easily been avoided had they not been worthless arseholes.

:) Have a nice Thursday! :)


Dawnie said...

lmao you hate using public restrooms???? your a male!!!! I hate using public restrooms and am known to find a nice private tree instead of using the restrooms...but being a female-its easier to understand because lord knows what we sometimes have to look at that we have SIT on! Men can get away with just standing and never touching!

Sarah Jane said...

eh, they deserved that.

HektikLyfe said...

Sometimes boys need to sit down too you know.

Iris said...

Good for you! that's the way it should be. Oh and yes boys do sit down in the bathroom, sometimes. It's true.