Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Poll: Legal Marijuana

UPDATE: This poll ran from 9-10-08 to 9-17-08. Here are the final results.

Inspired by "Legal Weed" I decided to make this weeks poll about the classic, smoking version.

Cheech and Chong are back in business. A resurgence in popularity aided at least in part by Cypress Hill, marijuana has seen an incredible increase in use. A week does not go by where I don't get a whiff of it somewhere.

Its funny to me that it is usually in places where people WANT to be found. Like a status symbol that teenagers would never acknowledge for what it is. They go to theme parks. Like seriously, pay $60 - $70 to go sit in a corner by a dark bush and trash can.

I sincerely believe its popularity would decrease if it were made legal. If it stopped being such a badge of rebellion, all those pimply emo kids would stop doing it because it isn't cool anymore.

What about you, adults? Would your government's decision to make it legal convince you that it is safe to experiment with?

Wouldn't it be funny if President "Bush" had a hand in legalizing it?


Sarah Jane said...

I don't want it to be legal. I believe it's a gateway drug that, in the wrong hands, could be more dangerous than pot smokers would have you believe. Some people can smoke it and honestly never do another drug in there life. However, there are many people who are prone to addiction, (especially if you are a relative of mine). They try something and they're hooked right from the git-go. Then what comes of their time on Earth? It is wasted because they are wasted.
Basically, people are not responsible enough to handle legalized marijuana.
For the record, I've smoked it a few times, for anyone who thought to judge me or misjudge me.

HektikLyfe said...

You have a point about it being a gateway drug. I agree. But I would also lean towards alcohol being the same type of gateway.

In additional to all the negative known effects alcohol causes to the human body, the one not many people see as damaging in the shadow of the more famous, is one that I think can be the most dangerous. Emotions. People say things and do things that they normally wouldn't do because their emotions are all out of whack. Sometimes they cry, sometimes they say really mean things. Children are often the innocent victims hurt by this. But I digress.

I don't think there is any need for you to feel the need to justify your right to an opinion.

I don't feel its necessary to have smoked it to have an opinion about marijuana.

That reminds me of this shallow gay guy I knew in High School. He was all proud and flamboyant. You know, not the real gay type but the ones who glamorize it? He would ask everyone why they weren't gay and just make it a big old deal that he was into guys etc. etc.

Anyway he annoyed me to the point where we I responded to his attacks and proceed to have a discussion with him. Everyone else would just ignore him. He asked me why I wasn't gay and why I wouldn't just try it and I told him because I thought it was disgusting. I didn't tell him I hated him for it. His response was, "Don't knock it 'till you try it." :?

That was his best argument.

To me, drugs and alcohol aren't something I would want my body and mind to be chemically distorted by. I need them as much as I need cancer to all of which I could honestly say I could knock, without trying.

Your opinions are as valued as they are appreciated. Whether you agree with me or not.

EVERYONE is allowed to speak their mind here. :)

Iris said...

I like both of your comments (Sarah and HL)

Anyway, I happen to dislike what this drug does to people. It slows them down, it makes them talk like dummies, it makes them seem as if they not care about life in general.

I've never tried it but I've been around plenty of people who have and do it now (family)

Iris said...

Oh and I don't think they should legalize it. I think legalizing it will make it MUCH easier to access, of course, and then more people will do it. Just like alcohol and cigarette's are so available.

HektikLyfe said...

You guys don't think legalizing it will help pay for its regulation? When it would be taxed and corporate manufactured, they could make it "slightly" safer. The money that would come in could be used to regulate it.

Legal, it could herd them into bars much like Hooka bars with air filters so we don't have to smell them every where we go.

I don't know. I don't see it getting much worse than it already is. Its everywhere now.

carlos said...

i also vote for legalization. but not with a stoner argument. i think that it, like other natural substances discovered and used by our predecessors, has beneficial properties. I personally used it, not by smoking it, but when I was a kid and was going through growing pains, someone had a bottle of alcohol(?) with a plant inside. They used this liquid as a sort of bengay rub on my legs, and man it felt good! it warmed my legs and removed the cramps pretty quickly. that is just one way that this can be used I think. also, if regulated and cleaned up maybe it will be a new addition to economy. as people become unemployed with antiquated functions replaced by technology, maybe this new industry could help unemployment? (just a couple of arguments for it)
I do understand the personal negative opinions due to the relatives that seem to not have control of it or the negative effects that it has had on some people. but if it was legalized, maybe "coming out" and asking for help would not be as scary for those people. they wouldnt fear legal problems....

HektikLyfe said...

I think one of the major reasons it is taking so long to be legalized is the drug industry's vice grip on the FDA.

Think about it. Why would they legalize a natural sedative and painkiller you can grow in your back yard, or living room if you live in West Covina, when they make so much money selling them to you in pill form?

That's not a conspiracy, its a monopoly.