Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girls Would Make Terrible Goalies

As a youth most adults would really pressure us to hold off on sex until you were married. This ultimately backfired. Girls still gave it up but only developed a fear of non-committing men.

"If he doesn't want to marry me then our relationship is doomed."

Girls want the sex, but they don't want to feel like ho's. So they pressure guys into marriage way too early in the relationship. You see a couple that has been dating for a couple of months and people are already asking them if they have plans for marriage.

So they get married, and shortly divorced. Yet somehow they are confused. "How could this happen? I thought he was the right guy. I was with him exclusively for three whole months!" Quite the achievement there backdoor Betty! Wait, was the term "backseat Betty?" Either way...

Is abstinence that difficult?

I'm not a stranger to peer pressure. I remember what it was like to be made fun of for not doing the same stupid things others did. I won't say that I didn't fall prey to group stupidity once in a while. I helped lead a student walkout in High School which accomplished absolutely nothing.

Do we need to reinvent the chastity belt? What will it take to keep our nieces and daughters off their backs?

Before you accuse me of blaming everything only on the female gender answer me this, have guys changed in the past 100 years? I don't think they have. They are the same dirty dogs they have been for generations. Fighting each other for girls they don't really want, spending more money than they have to impress the girl that says "no" the most.

Its up to the girls. They say when. They just stopped. Abstinence for guys wasn't really voluntary FOR THE MAJORITY. Girls called the shots and I think the world was better for it.

Religion doesn't even seem to work anymore. The church has become melting pot for teenage hormones.

Fight back?


carlos said...

ok... I agree that girls are in control for the most part, but please explain the "goalie" term... I don't get it.
It's been so long since I was of that beginning age, but if I try to remember it I think that the human body is "ready" to fornicate at a young age. In the past families began at younger ages. Females especially run out of time to have children. The problem is that now society expects you to spend more time in preparation of yourself such as education and work before you think about starting a family. Now we are expected to ignore or not act on our impulses until we are older. Self control is a difficult thing to learn, and convincing kids to resist temptation is also difficult.

HektikLyfe said...

Girls would make terrible goalies because they make it easy to score on them...pua puaaaaaa.

Is it more difficult now than it was in the past?

I hear of girls are getting married at younger ages then they have in the recent past which isn't a problem in itself, like you mentioned, they used to get married young before.

But now they can choose who they marry and the option to leave is "easy."

They have the choice but don't know how to make it and they don't put much significance in the decision because they think they could just find another spouse later.

"I'll marry this guy, toss a few kids at him for the palimony, milk him for what he's worth then move on." That is an extreme worst case scenario but the fact that it exists at all is appalling. You can find it really easily so it isn't uncommon. Just sign into MySpace.

Iris said...

Hmmm... never thought of it this way, but yeah you sure are right. Girls are the gatekeepers.
I didn't get the goalie part either, but that is pretty funny.

HektikLyfe said...

I think the I should have put the title at the end.

Docteur Glamour said...

Hey there! I'm a girl and I completely agree. I'm 20 and still a proud virgin, whereas all of my girlfriends gave it up before they were 17. Hmmm ... Well, I'm waiting until marriage. Thanks for posting this topic. I'm loving your blog. You're really funny and honest, which is a breath of fresh air. Keep it up, I can't wait to read more!

HektikLyfe said...

Yes I remember hearing of girls already giving it away in Elementary school. That's 6th grade here in California. 11 or 12 years old and back in the 80's. I can only imagine how bad it is now.