Tuesday, September 9, 2008

People I Hate: Inherited Rich

Hate is a strong word. Perhaps I should clarify that now. When I "hate" someone it doesn't mean I wish them dead. Unless I specifically say so. ;) It actually means that I am repulsed by their existence or really, really annoyed by them.

That said, I hate people who are born into wealth. The ones that don't work. The one's that are spoiled sick. The one's like Paris Hilton who's purpose in life, much like their understanding of basic math, is still a mystery.

If you work hard. If you work your ass off and make you and your family wealthy, I have an incredible amount of respect for you. Even if you became a jerk in the process. The fact that you dug yourself out of the sand trap cesspool labeled "middle-class" is an achievement worth commendation.

If you do this to give your family a better life, that intention is to be respected. How you raise and train your offspring though, really determines their significance to society. As a spoiled brat, you really get used to the world grovelling at your feet.

Their careers are plotted out and handed to them by association and acquaintances. Their education is handed to them by well-paid and well-educated instructors.

The silver spoon just won't rust. Is it their fault or their parents? I don't know. I don't know if I care much. I just know that they don't deserve their blessed lives as much as I feel some of the hard workers I know do.


Iris said...

What would these spoiled children have to do to earn your respect?

HektikLyfe said...

Not that they would or should care, but if they are hard working or spend a lot of their time donating their extra time to various causes (Bill Gates) then they totally deserve respect.

They don't need to justify their existence to me. I am no one in their eyes. That is not why I "hate" them. I think they represent what other countries hate so much about us and since they are in the international public eye, they need to do a better job of representing us.

All the European and Asian countries that hate us right now see Lindsay Lohan, they don't see the firemen that died in the trade center. They see Britney Spears, they don't see the mass of workers who prepare the day and homes of the rich.

carlos said...

I agree, its true that these people are the ones in the international media and give us an ugly image. But, if I were born into money how could I guarantee that I would be different? I am sure I would get used to nice "things". I am sure that the list of things they "care" about is short. One of those being what people like us think about them

HektikLyfe said...

I think that is possible but then I also know that even from birth people have their own personalities. There HAS to be something ingrained into the human psyche to distinguish between right and wrong.

Some people, no matter how rich they are, would never set bums on fire. Yet some poor folk might find that entertaining.

I think it they are aware of their evils but they choose to ignore them. I don't believe they are "corrupted" psychologically to the point where they live in another world.

Evil people are rare. Ignorant people are all too common.

carlos said...

bum on fire? ha ha ha, that could be funny. as long as he doesnt get hurt, but the scramble would be a sight to see.
anyway, yeah you never know about personalities... for example, martin sheen is a rich person who is actively protesting for rights of latinos.... and his son charlie just likes to bang him some hoes... how far did that apple fall from the tree? and what happened to EMILIOOOOOOOO!!!!

HektikLyfe said...

My guess would be that Martin didn't spend enough time with his kids. This is where parenting and education comes to play.