Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deals: 11-26-08

If you are looking for some Black Friday deals, try

They have some really great prices on stuff this year.

Katy Perry's One of the Boys album is available for download for $5!

Go soon, they have 49 other full album downloads for $5! This isn't old crap either its the newest music from groups like Metallica, Portishead, Moby, Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey and even classics like B.B. King and Al Green.

This list is updated hourly, I don't know if that means they take stuff off the list as well as add to it. If you're a fan of music like I am and are tired of getting viruses from programs like Limewire (like everyone who's computers I have to fix,) take a look at this list and pick up a few good albums for the holidays.

They also have your typical collection of electronics as well as perfumes.

Here are a couple that I recognized.

3.4oz Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely perfume $32 free shipping.
4.2oz Cool Water for men $33 free shipping.

Be careful though some the "deals" on electronics are crap! Research the stuff you're not sure about.

Christmas shopping gets easier every year. :)



Dawnie said...

i went thru our flyers alittle while ago for our area and I didnt find much that is worth fighting crowds for. actually i'm really disapointed. Alot of low prices AFTER rebates. To me that is crazy because i am willing to bet many people will lose what they need for the rebate in their shopping frenzy. Plus people need the savings and the money NOW not months from now.

Sarah Jane said...

Yes, forget shopping at the mall or a big giant store. I am almost done Xmas shopping and everything was bought online, on sale, and free shipping. I LLLLLOVE free shipping. I did some shopping at Amazon last night. They are having a sale of at least 65% off on kitchen and home items. And I always buy Amazon stuff that is eligible for free super saver shipping with purchase of $25 or more.

Anonymous said...

it's red friday here, the day our debit and visa machines go down because of all of the activity in the states. good day for cash!

jewlover2 said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up 'Mr Podium-head'. :)

Anonymous said...

Sir Hektik, you. are. AWESOME!

Thanks for letting us know about the Black Friday deals on Amazon! I just bought Prison Break seasons 1 through 3 and Heroes season 2 for VERY low prices.