Friday, November 21, 2008

Lose 10 Pounds!

(from your boobs)

You really need to pay attention to the small print in those ads. I was reading through one of my new readers' (Everyday Housewife) responses to the 9 layers meme and I decided to click on an ad for her. Because that's what we should all be doing for each other right? ;) And one of the links caught my attention. It was a before and after picture unlike any other I have seen before.

It was real.

I know sometimes you see those ads on T.V. with the girl all super fat wearing spandex and looking so sad. I wouldn't be surprised if they added twinky filling to her face using PhotoShop to show you how terrible life was for her before. No offense to Brain Twinkey.

Then in the after picture they have this OBVIOUSLY touched up shot of a girl that could possibly be her in a studio with make up and a new do. Cheap marketing tactics right?

Have any of you seen that commercial with the little cartoon couple that discuss the unfair advantage men have over women when it comes to weight loss? If not, let me quickly describe it to you.

Two chunky cartoons are on screen. The girl talking no surprise there. ;) So the girl is talking to the camera and complaining about their weight and how they are going on diet. As time moves forward you see visible weight loss in both. Only the man loses weight everywhere and the girl only loses her boobs. The commercial ends with her saying, "Now neither of us is happy."

Its pretty funny. All the female friends I have ever had have confirmed this to be true. Its never been more evident than in these before and after shots in the ad linked page.

Here is the link to the page. Not the best way to advertise your weight loss solution I'd say.

As an interesting side note; after I clicked on another of her ads, 'cuz I'm nice like that, I noticed another diet blog with an interesting title. See if you see what I saw. :)


Iris said...

HL...I see it :D

OMG that face over the obvious not her body image is cracking me up. Did you do that?
Ugh! It's so true, you gain weight and the boobs increase in size WOO HOO right?

but then you notice your butt doesn't look so great, so you start to drop and bye bye boobs :(

Nice of you to click the ads.I WILL CLICK SOME ADS FOR YOU NOW :)

Captcha says: atedl

The Diva on a Diet said...

Yikes! I think I'm speechless ... LOL

utenzi said...

Michele sent me over.

Now if they could only come up with a diet that made a woman gain weight--but only on her boobs, not on her belly, hips or butt. That would be a real money maker.

HektikLyfe said...

>Iris: Yeah I did that terrible, terrible photo. It is done terribly on purpose before people start thinking my artwork is as horrendous as that superimposed image there. Captcha = Ate? Man I know something is up.

>Diva: What a better time to post this topic than before Thanksgiving right? Watch those T.V. ads.

>Utenzi: Saline diet? I only wish women would be happy the way they were born. The world would be a much better place if they were happy and confident in their appearance. Happy women keep happy men.

HektikLyfe said...

>Utenzi: Oh and welcome to the Podium!

Dawnie said...

oh man..i cant think of anything to say! lol

Farhan said...

This blog reminds me of the following wayyyy over-used joke:
"shut up, the camera adds 10 pounds!"
"so how many cameras were on you?"

Vivienne said...

Ah yes, Friends Series Chandler saying that to Monica. (I have all 10 series and not ashamed to admit it!) Can see the difference and I think the girl who's body you put that head on is an english actress called Natalie Cassidy or something like that? She used to be quite fat, then she lost weight and went back to fat.....I watch too much television I know.....

Farhan said...

Yup, I love watching Friends as well and have seen every single episode :) I'd like to buy that dvd box set that has all the ten seasons.

The Brain Twinkey said...

I forgive you for using "Twinkie filling" as a descriptor in that context. We all still know the cream filling is delicious and that you meant no disrespect to the Hostess Company.