Friday, November 21, 2008

Meme: Tagback

You know the drill. No need to play if you've already played before or if you don't feel like it. Since I very recently tagged so many of you I will refrain from tagging anyone specifically. Anyone who wants to play, is more than welcome. Now, on to the meme!

eizzy.k is responsible for this bout.

1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. List 7 random/wierd facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 folks (IF POSSIBLE) and leave their links on your page.
4. Most importantly, let them know they been tagged and leave them a link to your tag post!

7 MORE random facts about myself:

  1. I play video games and occasionally lose intentionally so everyone can have fun. Winning doesn't mean much to me, its the social aspect that I enjoy.
  2. I have a bad habit. I bite my nails. Not to the point where they are bad but where they are short. I trim them I guess. Gross I know.
  3. I don't bite the pinkies. Why? OCD. Let me explain. I am aware of my bad habit and when I was in elementary school, I decided stopping the biting was a monumental task so I figured I would start with one finger. That's as far as I got. Now NOT biting them specifically is part of my "process." Weirdo.
  4. As much of a pessimist as the people who know me know that I am, there is a tiny little optimist inside me. He is too often disappointed though.
  5. Unlike eizzy, I think the 90's were terrible. They were an awkward time with terrible music, clothes and hairstyles. Polka-dots? There were the occasional diamonds but it was mostly rough.
  6. I don't believe the "end of the world" will come any time soon. Our presence in it? Who knows, but the Earth will be fine.
  7. I hate it when people talk at movies but lately have become accustomed to talking myself. I don't do it at the theater. My wife would find my comments entertaining so I just became accustomed to doing it.

OK. So its all up to you guys if you feel like participating. No obligation. :)


Iris said...

1) I am a brunette who would like to dye my hair blonde for just ONCE. My sister went platinum blonde once and ever since, I have had the craving.

2) I don't make my bed every day

3) I want to visit a far away country just to do it

4) I believe it's important to give domestic animals a good life, because they usually don't live as long as we do.

5) I sometimes have nightmares that there is a slug on my face when I am asleep

6) I think my husband is the cutest thing to land on this earth.

7) I enjoy watching women put on makeup.

Douglas said...

Hektik, I like your #6. Especially since I "knew" it long before you wrote it.

Iris, it is odd how we fixate on things we see others do. Perhaps we are all mimics at heart.

Dawnie said...

ummm 7 random facts about me????

I am VERY sentimental..most people think I'm strong..I cry more than anyone will ever know!

I HATE when people invade my personal the point i swear under my breath for hours after it happens.

I LOVE being alone--i do quite well!

I cant bear to read or watch anything where a dog dies--even though I know they will.

I like really stupidly made action films.

Vivienne said...

ok this sounds like fun!

1 - I am scared of clowns and stuffed animals. Especially those big teddy bears. No idea why but they freak me out!

2 - I am incredibly anal with tidying up, alining things on my desk and various other stuff. People call it OCD I call it good sense. (must be my german side coming out or something)

3 - I used to have a crush on Macaulay Culkin.....until I was about 14.....(can't believe I just admitted to that)

4 - I prefer egg whites to egg yolks (normally people prefer the yolk) I like the squishy white bit!

5 - I hate when people try out all their different mobile phone ring tones on the bus or any public place

6 - I talk in different languages in my sleep! Only the ones I speak of course.

7 - I have a weird sense of humour and like laughing at silly words....there's a person on our work email list called - Bola Salami - cracks me up everytime...

Vivienne said...

HL - I'm having a thick moment again, how do I tag/link people....... to pass this on?

HektikLyfe said...


1. Hmmm, give me a couple of minutes with Photoshop.
2. I NEVER make it. :)
3. I want to only because my wife does.
4. Yeah, that kind of makes me sad a little.
5. For me its spiders. In my ears.
6. I disagree.
7. Hmmm, I think I COULD get to like this if I tried, but I doubt it would be in the same way. :S

>Douglas: You knew what I was going to say or you know this is what we are all headed for?


1. I am the same way. Though as a man I can not show it.
2. Dude! We're on the same boat. But only if it was a big one with plenty of elbow room. :)
3. Same here. I love the quiet solitude. But I wouldn't give up my wife's presence for the world.
4. Yeah, this hurts a lot. I just played a game were this dog that has been your companion for the entirety of this 20+ hour adventure and to save your life he takes a pistol shot right in the snout. That sucked. It was moving. Did you enjoy Benji as a kid? Or have you watched Homeward Bound? I think you could enjoy a movie called Eight Below starring Paul Walker of all people.
5. Well, that movie wasn't quite an action film but my wife and I enjoyed it. Our dog looks a LOT like those Huskies. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Oh, have you seen Sunshine? Action/sci-fi. I liked it.


1. I don't like those dolls with the porcelain faces. The clowns with the hard faces are worse. You must have loved the movie IT.
2. I like doing it, I just have trouble starting. I tend to want to throw stuff away.
3. He looks kind of weird now, have you seen Party Monster?
4. Same here, but cooked. Hard boiled eggs with lemon and salt are one of my favorite Saturday morning treats.
5. I hate this too, but I find myself doing it. :( I get tired of the same ring tones so I change it often. I try to keep the volume low enough for only myself to hear though.
6. Oh dude sometimes I talk in languages that don't exist. Talk about creep out. Usually after we watch scary movies. I think my wife heard me speaking German once. Though I never studied it. Guten morgen is as far as I get.
7. This is kind of funny. I do the same thing. I used to like to keep the telephone directory because of this. I would so be calling that person Bologne Salami behind their back. There are some MESSED up names out there. Sometimes I too find a simple word hilarious for no apparent reason. For years the word BONE was funny to me. Not in the sexual sense but the fact that our bodies were full of BONES. I would say it with a wide "O". Bowhn. Like what I imagine a deep Great Dane dog's voice would sound like. Bones and bones and bones and bones.

Oh and for tagging...well. This is the way a Meme is supposed to work.

You read this blog here on my page. Then you go to your own blog and post your response to the Meme there. Then you come back here to the original blog and post a link back to yours. You copy the URL of your response and post it as a link on my page here. This will get people who follow my blog to go visit yours to check out your answer.

In your blog you "tag" more people if that is what the Meme requires then you would copy your address for that post and link it to the pages of the people you are tagging.

For some reason people started posting their answers here which I totally don't mind but I originally started promoting this Meme stuff to share readers. I was blessed with a healthy group of kind and regular readers so I thought I would share the wealth and cross promote.

Dawnie said...

as to your comment about the wine bottle on the Titanic..I wondered the same thing. I mean this stuff wasnt even discovered until I believe 1987. It actually looked like it might have been full and opened. They had a special cork in it and everything they had in the exhibit was temperate controlled. There was some powder left in a womans makeup container to..I wonder if some of the stuff in the ocean was in sealed or watertight containers. there was no explanation as to how some of the stuff made it thru.

Vivienne said...

ahhhh yes, I do get teh point now and will do it, thanks! I have to admit I do try my ringtones out as well....
Haven't seen Party Monster but no no no, that was a crush from a looooong time ago.....

HektikLyfe said...

>Dawnie: Well, come to think of it, I don't think it could even evaporate underwater and so deep under there would be pressure keeping it in. I don't know. Confusing but really interesting.

>Vivienne: Party Monster is still an interesting movie and even if you don't have that crush anymore, this may...change how you see Mr. Caulkin. Forever.