Monday, November 24, 2008

Ten G's

Wow! When I first created this blog I didn't expect results like these. I added the blog hit counter a few months ago more out of curiosity than any intention to keep track of the blogs popularity. As of this weekend The Silent Podium has received over 10,000 hits in less than 6 months! So for my 150th blog here at the Silent Podium I wanted to express my gratitude.

I want to thank each and every single one of you who have participated. I want you all to know that I truly appreciate the time you have taken in your day to read through my chaotic mess of a random blog. I understand how on occasion you may read blogs that just don't inspire a response so every time I get a comment, I am glad to know that you felt inclined to participate. Even if, no, ESPECIALLY if we disagree. You all know how much I enjoy a good argument!

Thank you.

I will keep cranking them out if you will keep reading them. :)

Now on to blog #151!


The Diva on a Diet said...

Wow, 10 G's is huge ... Congrats, Hektik!!! I'm happy to keep reading if you'll keep writing. Rock on my friend!

Anonymous said...

OMG 10... Congratulations, I bow deeply humbled before the great one. Here's me thinking I was doing well with 842 in three months of Tomus. How do you do it? Lie in wait and shanghai people in a burlap sack?

Congrats again.


Iris said...

Of course! You're surprised? You write the most interesting blogs that boil the blood sometimes >:O We're addicted and keep coming back :D

Sarah Jane said...

Holy wow, I didn't know you'd written THAT many! The more you write, the more readers will come.

Dawnie said...

well congrats to you! i love blogging myself. I am very interested in mine growing but that is quite tough to do.
I think your blog is pretty darn cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Congratulations, that's huge! Well done, you've got the best blog around!

ryan said...

congrats!... next up... 50 Gs...


HektikLyfe said...

>Diva: Thanks. I enjoy writing them. I would write so much more if I could only find the time. Alas! I must eat.

>Vulgaris: This only occurred because of good group of readers we have accumulated here. They work hard to promote it and I am in turn humbled by their, and your, continued support.

>Iris: Of course I am surprised! I do expect to anger a few people but I don't expect people to return for more. I guess there are more people like me with a tendency to be gluttons for punishment. ;)

>Sarah: You know how many more I have written on other blogs so I could at least double or triple that amount if I were to include them. Now if I could only work on quality...

>Dawnie: Thanks, I really enjoy yours too. You are well on your way to growing. Your blog already has 18 followers! You will have no problem.

>Vivienne: *Blush. Thanks! I see yours is quickly growing in popularity too. :)

>Ryan: :O Sayguat?!? I think I'll aim for 20. XD I don't know if Blogger will still be the hot thing. I'm currently eyeballing Multiply right now to see what kind of success it has. If the community starts moving there, I will be sure to roam around there too.

Thank you all for the congrats! Again, if it wasn't for your readership and participation I would literally have nothing to celebrate here. :)

Anonymous said...

10,000 is a LOT, but no surprise there. Your blogs are VERY interesting to read. Keep up the great work!