Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good Sam Must Work Out

Yesterday as I was getting off the freeway I see this Guy pushing a Chevy Caprice.

For many years this was the vehicle of choice for the California police department. As I parked my car to go help this man I quickly found out one of the reasons why.

That is one heavy ass car!

I was running about 2 minutes late but saw the man struggling. Other people were just walking buy or staring at the guy trying to push this elephant. I stop, get out and start pushing. His wife was in the car and she was struggling with the steering so she takes us the long way around to the sidewalk where she wants to park.

We progress ever so slowly. I find it so interesting that you don't really notice how steep the edges of our roads are until you find yourself pushing a nearly 2 ton monster.

As soon as we're done I run back to the car to get to work, or at least I tried to run. My legs didn't seem to want to lift up off the ground high enough to effectively call the awkward dinosaur stomp I was doing in the middle of the street a "run." Still in a hurry, I change my strategy into doing what I could only imagine Frankenstein's monster would have done when he was in a hurry. I did this little hoppity swing thing to jump of one leg and onto the other. Very weird. As soon as I got to the car and bent my knees I was fine.

Age. It catches up to you when you least expect it.


Sarah Jane said...

OOOH, I know exactly the feeling in your legs. It's so weird. Anyhoo, how many more good deeds you gonna do, Hektik?!

Dawnie said...

how nice of you to help out! yep, its things like this that make us realize age is knocking!

Iris said...

You're very nice for helping out. I remember seeing a lot of that in the 80s for some reason. I don't really see much of people helping people anymore. Nice of you ^__^

HektikLyfe said...

>Sarah: I like to think that I do as many good deeds as I can. I just don't really talk about them much. Being that this is the holiday season however, I thought I would share some of the stories and hopefully motivate others? I don't know, worth a shot eh?

>Dawnie: If it was night time, I'm not so sure I would have done it though. I would be paranoid that it was a robbery scheme or something. I just went with my gut.

>Iris: In the 80's there were a LOT more beat down cars in the road and cell phones weren't as popular. Now people know these stranded folk have options and AAA is everywhere. I don't know if its lack of caring as much as it is hope that they will have other solutions. That and all those scary movies making people paranoid, like myself.