Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meme: Phocus

UPDATED!! 11-19-08

This one is easy.


1. Take a picture of a regular everyday item with your cell phone or digital camera that fits the theme of the current Meme.
2. Crop and upload a tiny but recognizable portion of it to your own blog.
3. Give people a couple of days to respond then upload the complete "un-cropped" photograph by editing the original post.

Are you game?

Today's theme: "Office Spaces"

Keyword: Tool

Too easy? Let me know and I will create a much harder one next time.

Please excuse the ugliest pair of scissors in our work area here. I couldn't find anything more "common" than that. Next time it will be a bit harder.


ryan said...

okay, my guess is... scissors.

this seems like a fun game. i think i'll have to try and start doing something similar on my site. cool idea.

my code for this comment is "mantiver". flows right off the tongue... mantiver...

Iris said...

Ha ha! That was a good one. Those are Edward Scissor hand scissors :) AHAHAHAHHA!

HektikLyfe said...

Yeah, I think there was a surplus of those scissors during the 90's which is why we have so many here. I can see about 6 from where I sit now.