Friday, April 24, 2009

Blurbs - Salty Hats

I like baseball caps as much as the next guy. Sure I have my favorites. I like plain logos and basic colors that match anything you wear.

There isn't a hat in the world however that I would put on my head once it develops that nasty white sweaty salt line.

Why do people do this? Really. How much is a hat? $9-$10? $30 if you're stupid and buy it at the mall? Throw that thing away, its disgusting!

Most importantly, don't wear it to work!

I don't usually care what other people wear but that is roughly equivalent to coming to work with shit stains. Sure you're gray, sure you're balding, we'll all be there eventually. Now you're repulsive. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

Great post!

Iris said...

Ewww that just sounds so nasty when you put it that way. But I think I've had a few hats since forever!

HektikLyfe said...

>Rebecca: Thanks.

>Iris: Well I doubt yours looked like what this guys hat looked like. If you can see a white line or even a dark shadow/stain. Its garbage time.

Andrea.Sombody said...

Omg. lol. funny

Anonymous said...

hmmm never think i've actually seen a salty hat but if you put it that way it kinda puts me off wearing caps! (not that I do anyway)

PS - your little emoticon is looking rather bling these days! :)