Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Almost 10 years ago President Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to the public about his personal life of adultery.

President George W. Bush lies and thousands people die... nothing happens. What is going on?

I have no faith in politics. Can you blame me?

Read this article to find out what I am talking about.


Leah Friesen said...

I think people are willing to let him slide because he only has until January then we will finally be rid of him. He should be impeached for how he ran this country!

Roxy said...

First - Clinton was not impeached he left office on Jan 20, 2001 as scheduled after two terms. With a cash surplus and a balance budget.
The republicans tried to impeach him, but it didn't happen.
Bush is an embarrassment to all Americans but he was elected for a second term???? How – WHY?? I am still wondering. But thank god we all stepped up to the plate on Nov 4 and made a stand. Bush will be gone soon! Unfortunatley he is leaving a country in financial ruin and still at war.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame you at all I feel the same way. I'm generally quite oblivious to things such as politics but mainly because they always seem to turn out wrong. However the state in which Bush has left the world is apalling, Obama will have a lot of "cleaning up" to do after him.

Dawnie said...

No I think alot of people feel as you do. I just dont know why we havent done something about it?
Could it be so many of us are working so hard to keep food on our tables we dont have time to fight for the wrongs going on?

The media is to blame for much of this--all we can do is boycott their shows, papers, books, news etc. I dont watch much of that anymore

I dont like politics either, and I dont trust anyone in them anymore.

I'm getting more and more tired of what they are doing to us--and to our country.