Friday, January 16, 2009

Modern Breakfast

Until I met my wife, I wasn't really a breakfast kind of guy. In fact, breakfast was rare. I would only eat it at night at a place like Denny's. I love French Toast and eggs and stuff like that I just wouldn't eat it. I would skip breakfast. (During High School I would skip lunch too.)

I often work long days so making time to sit down and have a big healthy breakfast isn't something I can afford easily.

Because of this I have tried a lot of little quickie breakfast solutions. My wife packs them for me when I can't sit down and have breakfast with her. Currently one of my favorites are these Pillsbury Toaster Strudels.

My wife regularily packs a banana for me to eat and they taste great together! You heat them up much in the same way you would a pop tart but it tastes much better. Like many things I enjoy, (Cinnamon Toaster Strudel, A.1. Thick & Hearty,) they are quickly discontinued.

I thought I would share this treat with everyone before it is no more.

I also really like McDonald's Egg McMuffin's but they are so freakin' expensive for what they are. I tried the Jimmy Dean frozen variation and while convenient, they are nowhere near the delicious flavor the the McDonald's variety.

Do you guys have quickie breakfast favorites?


The Diva on a Diet said...

Wow, I'm kind of surprised they discontinued the Toaster Strudels. Weird. I hate when that happens.

Well, you know I'm an oatmeal fan. If I don't have time to eat it at home, I take it to work with me and make it there. I also really like the Kashi Multi-grain waffles. They're quick and easy too. Beyond that I love eggs or yogurt and nuts for breakfast.

I cannot skip breakfast. Its the one meal I can't do without. I'm hungry when I wake up! I need food and a big mug of strong tea to start the day. :)

jewlover2 said...

Nooooooo! Toaster Strudel is no more???? Just the cinnamon kind or the whole line of flavors? Because that would seriously put a major hole in our lives. haha. Perhaps I overstate. But I really am sad. sigh.

We really like the Wal Mart breakfast sandwhiches because they're CHEAP and they do the trick, especially the croissant ones. We also like Wal Mart brand waffles since they're like a buck a box. I personally am a 'bar' person. I like the Zone meal bars because they pack a whallop full of protein and they taste good with coffee. I also love to make 'breakfast nanner pudding' when I have a couple of extra seconds.

Cut banana in half (after peeling of course), top with some yummy granola and some vanilla yogurt. THat's one great breakfast, right there. :)

The Brain Twinkey said...

Sometimes just an english muffin does the trick, but those toaster stroodles sure are delicious! You could also just take two pieces of bread and a Twinkie and make a sandwich.

Iris said...

Hardboiled eggs do it for me as a quick breakfast. Also, packed with a piece of wheat toast!

Captcha gyinal

Angela said...

Croissant and coffee. Every single morning.

When I have time I make toast (I'm finicky about my toast so I have to sit and babysit it and toast it little by little) with honey, or a homemade chai latte. MMMMM.

Weekends are always some variation of eggs, I'm seriously on a baked eggs kick lately, or Boyfriend's homemade super secret pancakes.

My captcha was failling. LOL.

Andrea.Sombody said...

I love toaster strudels! I haven't had them in several years but I used to eat them for breakfast on my way to school. It's sad that they are discontinued.

Andrea.Sombody said...

Oh and I usually eat a yogurt for breakfast, if I make the time during the week. But on the weekend, my mother makes breakfast. I guess that's one of the perks of living at home. c:

Sarah Jane said...

HL, I like the title of this post. I wasn't expecting it to actually be about food! :)
I heard something smart on a foodie show that took place in Ecuador. They said this:
For breakfast, eat like a king.
For lunch, eat like a prince.
And for dinner, eat like a pauper.
Currently, I am not eating breakfast like a king. I usually have 2 or 3 cups of coffee before I feel like eating.
The simplest breakfast I have is 2 boiled eggs and a banana. I try to boil several eggs at once and keep them in the fridge for future snacks. Aren't bananas one of the most perfect foods? You don't have to wash them or cut them--just peel and eat.
Since breakfast for me happens near lunch time for you, I usually make eggs over easy, sauteed spinach and garlic and dump it all on a big bed of brown rice. Not very quick.
I'm surprised they are discontinuiing the strudels. I thought they were popular.
Oh, another idea for a quick breakfast is Eggo waffles. Eat them like toast.

Anonymous said...

French Toast does it for me, poached or boiled eggs a good standby.


HektikLyfe said...

>Strudel Discontinuation: The entire line has not been discontinued, just the cinnamon flavor. But like many things I enjoy, I am sure it is only a matter of time before all the flavors I like are gone.

>Diva: Oatmeal and bananas are very good. Unfortunately here at work we have wax cups. If I put hot water in my Oatmeal pretty soon I'd be grubbing on an oatmeal flavored candle. Yogurt and nuts are great! McDonald's has a great parfait (sure sounds like I'm a Mikky D's fan today doesn't it?)

Now that my wife has gotten me used to eating regularly I HAVE to have some sort of breakfast.

>Jewlover2: WALMART HAS BREAKFAST SANDWICHES?!?!?! I didn't know that, wow. Are they only fresh or are they packaged?

I really wish I wasn't Lactose intolerant. There are so many great breakfast foods I'm missing out on.

>The Brain Twinkey: Holy crap! Twinkey sandwiches??? I wonder how much cancer I would get if I tried that with a Chocodile?

>Iris: I love hard boiled eggs with lemon and salt. I could eat that until my heart stopped from all the cholesterol or everyone ran away from me because of my potent huevo breath.

>Angela: The good thing about toast is you can always scrape off the burn. Why the hell do toasters die so quickly?

>Andrea: The cinnamon ones are gone. Its only a matter of time before the strawberry flavor is gone since I like it so much. My wife makes delicious breakfasts whenever we have time. One of the perks of being happily married. ;)

>Sarah: I think I've done a great job then, getting people to think out of the box right away from the title. :) For a great diet and weight management, those are some GREAT tips. I SHOULD follow them. But I night I get these cravings.

The bad thing about bananas is that they bruise easy and they taste like crap when green.

I like green apples the best.

Eggo waffles are the only toaster waffles I like. The Special K ones are OK for a while.

Marcy said...

Cereal. That's the quickest we get in the morning. Bagels and cream cheese, too, but the bagels are toasted in a skillet instead of a toaster. Much better that way.

Sarah Jane said...

HL, you gotta stop carrying bananas around in your pants pocket. That's why they're getting all bruisy!

HektikLyfe said...

That's not a banana.

OH God what have you made me say.

I love my wife.

Iris said...

LOL! *hugs Sarah* thanks for the laugh

Anonymous said...

your wife's lovely making you yoru packed breakfast! so sweet!
didn't know about the hard boiled eggs with lemon but will try it.

i have porridge in the morning with a little bit of cinammon but for quickie breakfast how about a turkey ham sandwich? or is that mopre lunch...i prefer savoury stuff..

Anonymous said...

i have oatmeal every morning, if you have a problem with wax cups at work, why not bring a real cup/bowl from home, it would be more environmentally friendly as well.
two of my kids grab a portable breakfast for school, we have something here called bagelfuls (, not sure if you have it in the states or not.