Monday, February 28, 2011

Cookies (3-26-08)

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Anyone who knows me well knows I love cookies. Most are delicious but I do love some more than others.

A certain brand of cookie holds a special place in my heart/stomach.

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Fudge Stripes

These aren’t special because these little crunchy circles of happiness are more delicious than your average cookie. They are nostalgiacally significant.

198X - "X" being equal to or less than 5. I am a big haired chocolate loving little monster of a child. Shy and humble but when left with access to a box of cookies, let no stranger’s careless fingers be caught between my appetite and this delicious snack.

Problem was my parents rarely bought extravagant treats. It was always Corn Flakes so we rarely, if ever, brought home delicious treats. ’Nilla Wafers were as wild as we got.

For class one day we had a potluck. I was always too embarrassed or shy to ask my parents for anything because there wasn’t ever any money. There was, we weren’t broke but my parents were trying really hard to teach me to appreciate the value of the dollar. Instead, I learned not to ask because there was no such thing. I signed up for the free lunch program because I didn’t want to have to ask for lunch money.


There was no choice as far as the pot luck was concerned. You either brought something to share or you were embarrassed and sat alone in the corner while everybody else took part in the festivities.

We went to the supermarket and I begged and pleaded for those cookies. My mother suggested the bargain brand animal crackers but no way, this was elementary school and kids are cruel. I would never hear the end of it. Finally, she caved for one small bag of those cookies. But I remember clearly that she specified that I was not to touch them.

I didn’t. I took them to school. The one small box was not nearly enough for everyone in class was gone before you knew it. I didn’t get a taste.

It wasn’t until later in life that the realization came to me while standing in the supermarket, transfixed in front of a stack of Fudge Shoppe cookies, that I could buy all the fucking cookies in the store if I felt like it.

I strange emotion washed over me. A mix of fulfillment, anger and long overdue closure.

My wife knows this story and she packed a little bag of Mini Fudge Stripes in my lunch today.

That is why I love her. 


^__^ I love packing your breakfast and lunch!

BROTHER: LMAO about not getting any when the class ate them all!!! The memories of our childhood just crack me up. Hey (HL's WIFE)! Do you want some, no thank you, do you want some, no thank you, do you want some? OK Yes, please! LOL
3 years ago

Jenny: I enjoyed this blog, and OOOOh, those yummy cookies bring back such wonderful childhood memories for me. We always had them in our house. When I was little, I loved putting my finger through the hole and eating around it. As an adult, I've been known to eat SEVERAL in one sitting (several may equal half the bag!), although I haven't had a fudge stripe in recent years... you may have caused a trip to the grocery store tomorrow afternoon! Thanks for bring back memories!

  • HektikLyfe: The rare opportunity that I WOULD eat some, I would do that too. The chocolate would get all over your finger. They were very messy cookies. :)
    3 years ago