Monday, February 21, 2011

The Archives

EDIT:  Fixed that weird DIGG glitch.  Sorry folks.

Well Hello again.

It seems I'm almost posting regularly again doesn't it? I wish that could be the case but no. I just had one free day to type away and I'm taking advantage and posting forward as I like to call it.

My blogs first began on a website called MSN Groups. It then became MSN Spaces but that was a miserable failure. Eventually I started posting on MySpace and that was when I really developed a following with my harsh blogs. By "a following" I mean 5-10 regular readers who were essentially complete strangers to me. To have someone read and care passionately about the words I type is the most flattering thing I could experience and that's why I refer to it as a following. Out of respect for them, not me.

Well MySpace has one foot in the grave and I don't want to lose those blogs so as I think I've mentioned before, I intend to bring those blogs here, comments and all. I have since lost some friends so I will not be able to bring some of those comments along unfortunately. They disappear once we lose our acquaintance. :(

I'm just posting this as a reminder to you all that some of the blogs you will see will be a little out of date so please be patient OK? Some of them might include introductions if I feel they need one.

Thanks again for reading my garbage and I hope you enjoy a look into the unstable beginnings of my blogging habit.