Saturday, February 19, 2011

Minor Changes and about the Future of The Silent Podium

I really wish it was easier to post here on Blogger than it is.  I don't really know what Google could do to improve things.  Not much I guess since the entire blogging fad seems to be slowly deminishing.

Its all YouTube and Facebook now.  Instant uploads and mobile editing.  Something Blogger never quite captured.  Sure you can post an e-mail to a blog but the editing and formatting just isn't a pleasant experience.  I used to love uploading photos and content but now the editing time just isn't there.  You can't even expand the compose window in some browsers!

Enough of my whining.  This post was just to let you all know that the format changes were intentional.  Though I loved the look of the blog before, it really wasn't easy on the eyes.  The font was small and the contrast was harsh.  I made some minor changes and went with the updated Blogger templates.  Limited but at least compatible with everything Blogger does.

Hopefully it will be easier to read and a more pleasant experience.  For those of you who still come around.  If anyone is still actually there anymore.  :)

Most of the time I have spent away has stupidly been wasted on Facebook.  The thing is, Facebook offered that ease of use I sought from Blogger.  Quick contact, notifications, responses, mobile support etc. etc.  Here I would get one or two responses, (great ones but still, one or two) and on Facebook I would get a ton.  I created this blog with the intention of it becoming a place to debate, hence the title.  I can do no such thing on Facebook since the people there aren't really the "discourse" type.  More of a "nice pic!" and "I love that restaurant!" type of group. :(

This was a debate blog and debate we did.  It had tremendous success as far as I am concerned.  I know other blogs have done much better but I never imagined something I would do would generate 60,000 hits!  That's amazing and I'm sad to see it in the state that it is currently in.

I will try to post now and again, shorter forms.  None of the long essays I used to do.  (I would still love to but can't.)  Perhaps then I can resurface the prior activity.  This will never be a website that generates revenue but I will at least try to have fun with it.

I hope you will too.