Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Week Makes 100 Blogs! (9-11-08) 18 Reads

INTRO:  I was posting more than 1 a day!  XD  Man those were awesome times.  The combining of blog themes referred to my old "Rambler" blog here and the other one or two I had for different topics.  Check out the terrible art!  Oh and the (DOT) stuff was because MySpace started filtering and redirecting links.  One of the MANY reasons I left.

Current mood:accomplished
I am currently at around 95.  Don't be afraid.  Sometimes new can be good.  I have decided to keep them all at the same place instead of breaking them up like before.


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Comments: "I love reading your blogs. My favorite one so far is the one that caused my (friends) to get so upset ^__*"