Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blue Mars (3-7-08) 25 Reads

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So this was found on Mars.

A crater with what looks like a point of impact around which a lot of ice has formed. Without doing too much research, that tends to scare people away, I can imagine all sorts of neat stuff.

How do you think this happened?

I think two things are possible.

  1. The crater was created by meteorite which consisted of materials that were alien to the planet. Ice-rock which melted and has slowly begun evaporating.
  2. My personal favorite. There is water underneath the surface and when the meteorite punctured the planets crust, some ?water? leaked out and froze in the barren Martian atmosphere.

Either way, it?s pretty cool. Is it naturally that blue or is that color added by the ESA? If it is naturally that blue, why? Is it more like dry ice than water?

Speaking of water, girls, enjoy this picture.


WIFE: What is that last one? Is that a Mars flower? I want one.

That blue stuff is pretty amazing. It's a very pretty blue too. Is there some blue residue on the crater too?
3 years ago

HektikLyfe That is the area that gets the least amount of sun. Oh and some cool info, every pixel in the picture is about 30 meters.