Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Constant Reader (5-27-08) 27 Reads

INTRO:  Well, where better to start than with the end.  This was one of the last blogs I posted on MySpace.  The actual farewell.  It received quite a few comments and goodbyes but they have since been lost because I have been away from MySpace for years and I have since deleted those acquaintances.  Side-note: I actually wrote this blog on a blackberry during my lunch hour so I had to reformat it here on Blogger.  My wife posted a farewell on it as well and funny enough it made me sad.  She was one of my most regular commentators naturally and to see her say goodbye was sad even though I see her everyday.  Silly isn't it?

If you are still around, I thank you.

While part of me writes my blogs to get things off my chest that I could never say out loud, a large part of me would write only to enjoy your comments and opinions. For a few years now I have enjoyed the camaraderie we shared here on MySpace. We have all seen its popularity soar then go down in flames. I will keep my account. But as for the blogging, I have moved on for a few reasons which I shall list below.
  1. Most importantly, I can access my new blog from work. During my lunch I would enjoy this whenever I could without any major restrictions and access to a full keyboard.  (Those restrictions are now in place so I can't access Blogger easily either anymore.)
  2. I tried many different websites and although the community aspect of BlogSpot is lacking, the interface and accessibility is top notch. I can E-Mail post my Blogs!
  3. I tried Blogsome and I thank Farhan, Urkanji and my wife of course for following me there. Blogsome forces commenters to go through the trouble of registering and then their comments are displayed very tiny and in a very ugly fashion. If anything I treasure your comments most of all and would hate to see them belittled in that fashion. Facebook doesn't allow the same blogging freedoms I have grown accustomed to.
  4. BlogSpot/Blogger allows customizable templates including small unobtrusive Google "add-cents" ads which are ALWAYS welcome. Like one of my blogs? Click an add, throw me a nickle. ; )
So for those reasons and many other tiny insignificant ones, unexpected MySpace errors and hyperlink filters included, I bid you farewell and thanks for all the fish!

P.S. If you would like to continue reading my filth, please check out my new location. As always, you are more then welcome, inclined to participate. TheSilentPodium.BlogSpot.com.