Friday, February 25, 2011

Over 30 new blogs and counting (6-20-08) 13 Reads

INTRO:  This one was just a call out to my MySpace readers to go to Blogger.  The only reason I am posting it here is to log the progression of blog number count.

All at BlogSpot.

I separated them into three different categories so those of you not interested in some of the topics I write about won't be bothered with them.

TheSilentPodium . BlogSpot . com (remove the spaces) is a blog dedicated to the topics that got the most response here on MySpace. You know, religion, dreams, terrible people and all the usual stuff.

ButtonSmashing . BlogSpot . com is where I blog about anything videogame related. I frequently post any great deals I find online or in the paper.

The Rambler at HektikLyfe . BlogSpot . Com is where I post the little random things I find and like on the internet quirky gifts and terrifying online cults.

Hope to see you there.