Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Negative Side Effect of the Sports Mentality on Society

INTRO:  This was originally going to be a really long Re-Org Earth series blog but like I've mentioned already, I just don't have the time to produce that same level of content.  You get the gist of my message I think.

There are many causes to blame for societies ills.  I believe one of those many is the sports mentality that has been forced upon our children for generations.

How so?

Everyone knows the all too common occurrence that a company without any real competition becomes stagnant. Microsoft, GM, AT&T and many others have suffered from being at the top.  As consumers we always say things like, "competition is great" to compensate for that flaw.  Why focus instead on the benefit of NOT having competition instead of the actual cause of the stagnation?

Our entire lives the artificial significance of "teams" is emphasized.  Yes this is important when we have enemies to team up against but I think it is an archaic way of achieving our goals.  As if the need for honest hard work is beyond the comprehension of our populace so instead we use fear and a threat of potential failure to get our peers to work together.

"Please shut off your selfishness for a little bit as we defeat this greater common enemy."

I say we should instead focus on teaching our children correctly.  We don't need an excuse for doing good or working hard.  That should be payment enough.  Work hard for the sake of working hard.

You can see obvious signs of this mentality in the business environment.  "Welcome to the ______ Family."  "We're all part of the _________ Corp. Team."  Then they turn around and fire you without justification.  What lesson is this teaching us?  Do as much as you can but at any given moment you can be dropped from the team so honestly, do only as much as you are asked to.

This is why I believe we have so many underachievers.  The ones who succeed are the individuals who see beyond this.  Those who don't do the bare minimum.  The ones who do the job plus more because they know, it is about working hard, not about being worked hard.  They learned that lesson somewhere along their lives and I think we should replicate that lesson.

I think it will only serve to benefit Humanity.