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Leisure Pay (2-26-08)

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First of all I must apologize for any spelling errors or horrendous formatting. I am blogging on a cell phone, during my break on a very slow Friday. Typo's will run rampant.

The past few companies I have worked for had company gyms. This blog will not be about the misuse of company funds for the whims of the rich to force the company to pay for the memberships they could afford but choose not to pay.

This blog is about those people who choose to exercise at these gyms and treat their office workspace as a locker room.

I occasionally half to reach under desks to check cabling and...whatnot... I hate that word by the way. While underneath these desks I get putrid whiffs of gym shoes and clothes. :S Aside from the fact that I am a lazy bum, the BIG reason I don't like gyms is the rank odor.

Some of these people arrive dressed up like they are going to run a marathon, go straight to the gym for a few hours (of their work day,) do a little work, jog around the campus for an hour after doing a little more work. Then they hit the gym again in the evening before taking dance lessons. All on site, all at the companies expense and they drag their stinky outfit changes into their cubicles for their coworkers to inhale.

If you are lucky enough to have a job that overlooks these abuses and you work in a cubicle, at least do your co-workers the decency of leaving your sweaty socks in the trunk of your car


My sibling who works at the same company:  It is unfortunate that we are cursed with an acute sense of smell isnt it? I see exactly what you are talking about and think Jose (one of the commenters that was deleted) has a great idea. In addition to that I always worry about the most disgusting germs/ bacteria that you are coming in contact with when touching the keyboards of these persons. Sorry to make you more paranoid, but is there a discreet way that you can spray lysol on a keyboard and under a desk before you work? I can picture it now... as you say "no offense" and spray the scheit out of their cubicles. To comment on (Apple Something's) comment, in the ********** industry you have times of LOTS OF WORK and then you dont. Right now is one of those slow times. So lots of people are working out.

3 years ago

Apple Something What lucky assholes. Not you, of course, with having to smell them. But geez. Don't they feel compelled to work at all at work? 

HLWife I keep my sweaty sox in the truck of my car! YAY! Oops we're about to possibly contract 24-hour fitness for a discount for our employees :P

I'm sorry you have to go through that. That is very disgusting! EWWWW!

I think I only saw one typo. But only because you mentioned it. Probably wouldn't have noticed you wrote this on a cell phone. Great job!
3 years ago
HektikLyfe Yeah writing blogs on MySpace has become a major hassle for me. That's why I moved them to Blogspot.

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