Monday, December 1, 2008

Spammer McAsshole

Let me tell you about Spammer McAsshole. Mr. McAsshole is a guy in my contact list. I have never met señor Spammer. I don't know what this McAsshole looks like or what kind of car he drives. All I know is that he calls my phones from different numbers every day. McAsshole sends me e-mails from different addresses. Sometimes they repeat, sometimes they don't. S. McAsshole likes to warn me about my fictional warranty expiring on my car.

When they do repeat, my spam filter doesn't catch them or the Do Not Call list I signed up for years ago didn't do its job, then I add his information to this contact. That way, I recognize Spammer McAsshole for who he is and disconnect the call before I pick up to answer to an answering machine.

These machines Spammer McAsshole uses detect how long it takes you to answer, any background noise or if it is a data line or fax machine #. If you pick up, chances are you will get more calls from Captain McAsshole because he will know you are a live person on the end of that line. If you disconnect, I would imagine Spammy doesn't get any usable data.

Whether I change anything or not, its really gratifying when I see that name ringing on my phone. That gives me permission to file a complaint with the Do Not Call registry. If you get a call like this, file a complaint here. Do some good and don't be a McAsshole!

Here are two numbers I frequently get called from.

(215) 230-9706
(505) 986-8704


Douglas said...

I could be more sympathetic but I have my own problems. Try getting one of those toy whistles and answering Spammer with a blast from that?

Iris said...

I wonder if you could somehow get the dealer involved in getting this matter handled? You can tell them you didn't start getting these calls until you bought your car.

Andrea.Sombody said...

I feel your pain. I had a similar situation except mine was one of mistaken identity. Apparently, some one named Ivy Murphy owed some money and gave my phone number as a reference. The collecters kept calling me, mostly from different numbers, asking for Ivy Murphy.

It was annoying.

The calls only stopped once I listened to the entire recording and chose the option indicating that I wasn't Ivy Murphy.

Hope that helps with your McAsshole.

Anonymous said...

Quite like the blog title. Hate those automated services, I now have automated calls to my mobile phone from my bank reminding me that I forgot to pay a bill!

Dawnie said...

OH man I thought I left my comment on this post--and its on the one below! I'm not overwhelmed am I?

let me tell ya..I hate these people, I hate the phone pests, the internet pests, the email pests and I notice I even sometimes get them on my blog! Creatures!

Leah Friesen said...

Everytime I get these calls they ask if my parents are home. I guess I have a little kid voice. Since I haven't lived with my parents since I was 20 I can honestly tell them no. It's kind of a family joke now.

Monique said...

Spammer McAsshole. Ahhh I see now.

Interesting take on it I must say....