Friday, December 5, 2008

Deals: 12-5-08

Hamilton Beach 4.5 Quart All Metal Stand Mixer $100!
Sharp 1100 Watt stainless steel microwave $80

16GB Mark 2 Memory Stick Pro Duo for $70!!!!! This a GREAT effin' deal!

Sony Progressive scan DVD player $40

Samsung 1080p (32" $950) (37" $1,100)
Samsung 1080p (40" $1,300) (52" $2,300)
Samsung 1080p 120Hz (40" $1,600) (52" $2,500)
Sony XBR 1080p 120Hz (40" $2300) (52" $3,500)

Toshiba Laptop $450! Athlon 64 X2 Dual-core with 2GB RAM and 160GB HD Wireless/Bluetooth/DVD-R/Vista Premium
Sony Vaio $900 Centrino 2 with 4GB RAM and 320GB HD Wireless/Bluetooth/DVD-R/Vista Premium

LG 20X Dual layer DVD-R with Lightscribe $40

24" Samsung widescreen LCD 1080P for your PC $450

4th Gen 16GB iPod Nano $187

Logitech 5.1 X-540 PC surround sound speakers $60. I have these and they are great!

360 Left for Dead $53
360 Too Human $35
360 Gears of War 2 $55
360/PS3 Call of Duty: World at War $55
360/PS3 Midnight Club: Los Angeles $40
360 Last Remnant $55
Wii Sonic Unleashed $45
Wii Skate it $45

360 Wireless network adapter $90

360/PS3 Star Wars: Force Unleashed $40
Wii Sonic and the Secret Rings $15
Polk Audio floor standing loudspeakers $100
Griffin PowerDock 2 for iProducts $29

Used Games

XB0x 360 - Just Cause $22

PS3 Dark Sector $13
PS3 Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit $18
360 Frontlines: Fuel of War $13
360 Mass Effect $20
PS3 Need for Speed: Pro Street $15


Iris said...

PERFECT! Right before the weekend for Xmas shopping!

Anonymous said...

my youngest is hoping for rockband, the first one, but it's sold out here, so not sure it's going to be happening.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Mass Effect is being sold for just 20 dollars! Its wayy too cheap for a game like that. But obviously, I'm not complaining :P

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Got a quick question, want to get my boyfriend the Xbox 360 arcade console for Xmas which is quite pricey. I've been looking at it on Ebay, some people are selling theirs as they decided on other gifts - is that a way to go? It's certainly cheaper....

Anonymous said...

where can I find the toilet humour post, you've written so many I can't seem to find it

HektikLyfe said...

>Iris: Perfect, or perfectly devious!?! Most of these ideas are pretty expensive but it is what a lot of kids (and some adult males) truly want. :)

>Better Safe Than Sorry: Why the first over the second? Most of the extra downloadable content is only available for the newest one and reportedly the drums are better on the latter.

>Farhan: DLC maybe, but the entire game! It definitely is a steal at $20. If I didn't have it already now would be the time to pick it up.

>Vivienne: Call me paranoid, but do NOT buy XBox 360's anywhere but from retailers. Let me give you some quick reasons why.

1. They are lower price for a reason. XBox 360's have a high failure rate and the 3 year Microsoft warranty is only valid from actual retailers when they are brand new. Call that extra cash piece of mind or insurance. Search "Red Ring of Death." Buy NEW and try really hard to get the Jasper model. (The newest, literally coolest and most reliable of all versions.) In order to find this out make sure the manufacturing date on the box is from mid October this year along with a console power rating of 12.1A. For this reason alone it will be necessary to pick it up in store. Believe me, it will be worth the piece of mind for the $50 you will save online. People tend to sell broken ones online.

As for the toilet humor post, I have so many, just click on the subject in the label cloud on the right or the hyperlink I had posted on the comment I sent to you.

Anonymous said...

cool thanks hektik! seems much easier to buy the retail one anyway, i've been outbid on 15 bids! stupid ebay.....