Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Neither Lacking nor Slacking

If you have noticed that the quantity of blog posts on this page have slowed a bit, don't worry. I'm not out of ideas. I have too many actually. Some have unfortunately been lost forever by my inability to type whilst driving. :)

I have recently had an influx of responsibilities both at work and in the home. I will be back up to speed soon. I will continue to post just as I have been the past few days but don't expect to see 3 to 4 posts a day like a few months ago at least for a few more weeks.

My wife and I have some major projects at home, work has become increasingly hectic and I have also taken on a few side projects. So please don't stop following just yet. I promise to post a few doozies before year's end. ;)


Iris said...

I completely understand! I seem to be more and more busy this month too. No matter where I look to for time, I just can't seem to find it. But thanks for letting us know that you aren't slacking off :) *snicker*

Valash said...

I on the other hand need to speed things up on my blog.

The Diva on a Diet said...

I'm getting ready to write something similar on my own blog. A bit difficult to keep up with everything this time of year. Nice of you to post the head's up though and I will def. stay tuned. Good luck with all the projects, both at work and at home!

Marcy said...

Don't worry. Will still follow. Take your time.

Andrea.Sombody said...

I totally understand. Just like Iris and The Diva said, this time of year is extremely busy.

We will still be here c:

Docteur Glamour said...

I know what you mean. Finals' week is coming closer and closer and I'm so busy studying that I don't have the tine or energy to do all the posts I want. I can barely keep up with my weekly stuff. It's been over a month since I worked on my story! Hopefully, after next week, I can get back on track. :D

Anonymous said...

course won't stop following. hope all projects turn out great!

Dawnie said...

yep i know exactly what you mean! life is crazy busy at times!

Anonymous said...

"Some have unfortunately been lost forever by my inability to type whilst driving."

I get the best thoughts for blog posts while driving, showering and sleeping. By the time I get to the computer-POOF-they're gone.

Do these major projects involve caulk? ;)

HektikLyfe said...

>Iris: Considering that we're relatively done with our Christmas shopping its amazing that we still have so much to do.

>Valash: I know how you feel.

>Diva: ...and we don't even really know what we're doing for Christmas!

>Marcy: Thank you for your patience and understanding. :)

>Andrea: I am contemplating posting some of my classic blogs from other forums that I never visit anymore...I may just do this.

>Docteur: I don't have that college excuse! :)

>Vivienne: So do I! Some of them are VERY important!

>Dawnie: I don't think I remember being "bored" for at least a good 12 years!

>Rebecca: There is a huge gap under our living room door but I think I'll need something a lot more heavy duty then a little caulk. I know I saw a rubber trim type product at Home Depot that would come in handy. Our windows are all mostly new. The old ones are sealed tight with years of paint.

Anonymous said...

it's completely understandable, especially with the holidays coming up. this time of year always seem to be busier than normal. hopefully you will be able to finish all of your projects though and enjoy your holidays!

The Brain Twinkey said...

I'm with you! This time of year it always seems to stack up. Although I always have some relief in writing down my strange and sometimes immature thoughts at The Zone!

HektikLyfe said...

>Jessica: Thanks. I hope so. There are so many. I am working extra hours at work and at home. I hope all goes well this holiday.

>Twinkey: This year though, it just seems so much more hectic, so to speak.