Monday, December 8, 2008

Do You Play Spurts?

(This was originally going to be a really short blurb because its such a busy day then I couldn't stop typing.)

I was on the can. Don't picture that.

I was reading a newspaper like I guess men are supposed to when they are in the restroom. I wasn't touching the paper though it was just hanging on the handicap balance bar. Yes I used the handicap stall WHAT?!? You'll never see me parking in one of their spaces.

As I read the paper that someone left hanging there I read what I can only assume was the sports section. Surprised?

They were talking about a boxer named Oscar De La Hoya. Apparently they erected (*snicker) a bronze statue of him just outside the Staple Center in Los Angeles. The controversy was that he has never won a fight there and some people are complaining. I'm not even really sure if they hold fights in the Staples Center. There are two other statues there. Wayne Gretzky (a long time Los Angeles Kings hockey player) and Magic Johnson, the worlds most famous AIDS victim who also played for the Los Angeles Lakers Basketball team. Neither of those two sports greats ever played there in the Staples Center and no one seems to be complaining about them.

Apparently the company who paid for the statue and worked hard to get it erected (*snicker2) is associated with Golden Boy promotions which belongs to...Oscar De La Hoya. So, some of the protesters claim this is self promotion. Aren't they all though?

Personally I don't care either way but it got me thinking. Why don't people in L.A. like Hockey?

How does this possibly make any sense? Well the Los Angeles Times article claimed that the Hispanic community which is so proud of their (not our L.A.) "Golden Boy" overlook these little nuances because they are so in love with him. No mention of the millions of dollars he has given to charities and hospitals in the Los Angeles area. They also go on to say that Hockey will never be as popular as Basketball or Boxing in the Southern California area.

I'm not a fan of any but considering that Hispanic folk here in Los Angeles go ape-shit over soccer, I can't for the life of me understand why they don't like Hockey.

They have goals. Usually 1, 2 or 3 in an entire game. Just like soccer.
They have a guy who's sole purpose is to block the goals. Just like soccer.
They go back and forth incessantly. Just like soccer.
Fans are insane. Just like soccer.
The good players are all foreigners (ay Canada?) Just like soccer.
The players are known for fighting. Just like soccer.

The rules are pretty similar though for obvious reasons, like terrain and equipment, some specific ones had to apply.

You would think at least the brainwashed Americanized Hispanics would be mad into Hockey, but no. The last time I went to a Mighty Ducks game (years ago) I was the brownest face in the audience.



Andrea.Sombody said...

Maybe because hockey is a colder sport.
Also, it's harder for players to be more creative in hockey than in soccer. You know, like fancy foot work and such.
Another thing could be that soccer is a sport you can pick up and play anytime. It would be harder to find a patch of ice and play hockey.

Iris said...

Your writing just makes my day. You really do crack me up. I especially liked picturing you snickering at the word erect.

Sorry I couldn't help but picture you on the can. You can't tell people not to picture that!

Yeah I see your point about hockey. But I think the reason why most hispanics prefer soccer over it, is because it's easier to pick up a ball and start playing in your lunch break, in the street etc... Some people can't afford to buy skates, or other equipment.

But why they don't watch it. I don't know??? Maybe they like to feel like they are part of something. And when they can't participate, it's just not interesting?

Sarah Jane said...

off the subject: You called Magic Johnson an AIDS victim but that makes me think he already died of the disease. That's all!
captcha: corked

Anonymous said...

This blog made me laugh, and I agree with Iris when reading you reading the paper in the loo! There's a bit of toilet humour there eh?
I dont' really like sports, especially not soccer (although I worked for a football company for 18months, ironic eh!) but it is weird that they don't like hockey? Maybe hockey is a bit more agresive...

HektikLyfe said...

>Andrea: I'm not a fan of either but I have seen some pretty amazing footwork and stick-work. The way the pass between the legs and stuff.

As for playing, you do have a point but I was referring to the sport from a fans perspective. You think they are bigger fans because they can go home and play? You do have a point there.

As for not being able to play, I know if a few skating rinks in my are. I thought they could be found everywhere if you look for them. But you WOULD have to pay.

Just for watching though. I would think Hockey is better simply because you get a better view. The playing "field" is usually a LOT smaller so you get a closer view of the game by default.

Like I said, I just don't get it. :S

>Iris: Yes the equipment CAN be pretty expensive. I think you guys hit the nail on the head.

Rock star syndrome.

>Sarah: I guess I shouldn't victimize a good guy with a bad history. After all he did catch AIDs from unprotected sex with groupies right? AIDs survivor then?

>Vivienne: There definitely is a bit more fist fighting. But when there are fist fights in soccer, people tend to die. Usually in the audience.

Marcy said...

hockey. soccer.

Don't really like either but I did watch the Soccer World Cup in 2006. It was actually exciting, especially the final game.

You used the handicap stall! OMG! Haven't you seen the Seinfeld episode where George uses the handicap stall? Are you George? :)

I use the handicap stall too, but I'm usually helping a my boy use the potty. We need the extra room. He'll probably grow up to use the handicap stall, too.

HektikLyfe said...

Same with me and football. I'll watch the superbowl with friends but I couldn't tell you the names of the players beyond what I can read on their backs. (And the occasional neck tattoo.)

I haven't seen that episode but I bet its great! My wife and I LOVE watching Seinfeld. We have a few seasons on DVD that we haven't watched.

I just like the privacy. Usually they are the last ones and you don't have to keep peeking out both sides.

I used to work at a company with a lot of gay males. A few of those gay males (I'm not saying they are all this way or that it is even normal behavior by any means) liked to peak through the cracks in the stalls. I'm not effin' kidding. So since then I've been a little paranoid and uncomfortable about using bathroom stalls at work.

Anonymous said...

Hektik, I think you'll find the word "homo-erectus" even funnier. :P

Anyway, I'm not Hispanic, but the reason why I might not be into ice hockey might be because of the fact that its played on ice. And where I grew up, its hot as hell every day. So I like and prefer warmth. But yeah, if I was born and raised in Nacirema, maybe things would have been different. But what about field hockey, though? Its played on grass, takes care of the whole ice/cold issue.