Friday, August 8, 2008

Music - Kerli: Love is Dead

So I am playing around with my new iPhone 3G while resting on the couch after a long day's work. I was browsing through the wireless iTunes music store, which is a great feature long overdue, and I see this album cover.

I thought it looked a lot like my wife's Blythe Doll so I clicked/tapped on it. After closer inspection I thought, "Maybe its Goth or hard metal." My brother-in-law is a HUGE fan of Metallica. He has a couple of electric guitars and an amp so we hear that music a LOT. I can stand most of it if it has a rhythm I can follow so I thought I would give this K.E.R.L.I. a chance.

Love Is Dead - I tap on the first song in the album to hear the sample and I am instantly reminded of Portishead. The haunting voice and orchestra instrumentals with a little bit of rock. "Interesting blend" I thought.

Walking On Air - I tap on the second song and a very "poppy" track starts playing. This song sounds a lot like a bit of Nelly Furtado mixed with a tad a Fergie.

The Creationist - This song caught my attention. The term Creationist refers to certain religious people with blinders. You know the type. Those weirdos who wanted to burn Elvira? Anyway I don't know if the song is written about them but it can sure be applied to them. I love the little tune of this song. The lyrics are easy to follow and easy to understand which in this day and age is outstandingly rare.

I Want Nothing - This song screams Avril Lavigne but a little harsher. I haven't listened to a lot of Avril but it sounds like what I imagine Avril sounds like. :) Angry 18 year old. Still a good listen.

Up Up Up - Believe it or not this has a Reggae flavor to it. Its not something I would throw on during a party, its too slow, but it has a great sound to it. A bit repetitive.

Bulletproof - This just might be my favorite song on the album. Not because it hits any particularly incredible notes, but the lyrics just sound so heartfelt. It reminds me of how delicate women can be. This is a good thing.

Beautiful Day - Nelly Furtado reincarnated. This song sounds nice. I like to listen to this one because of the different things she does with the tones. The odd pauses and and accents in different parts of the song. I can imagine someone just singing this song to a group of friends just while they are kicking back in a room on a weekend.

Creepshow - This song is not what I imagined it to be. It starts of with a riff and then goes all Britney Spears with a La La La chorus. The lyrics are alright but I really expected this song to be about the glamorization of the Goth lifestyle. Its about her hometown. One of the more lame songs on the album.

Hurt Me - Her singing here is the real selling point. I wouldn't mind hearing this on the radio. I don't really understand what she's trying to say though.

Butterfly Cry - I noticed a category while looking for this album and reviews of it and it said Emo. I was like, "oops." This song really captures that sense. Its not half bad though. I'm not going to start wearing eyeliner and cutting myself though so I'm safe. She plays with her voice really nicely here.

Strange Boy - This is a club song. I can imagine it played in the dance clubs or during parties. If you like Pink, you'll like this song. It doesn't even sound like her in some parts. Still a good track.

Fragile - A great way to end the album. Slow, nice track and a little flavor sound of Amy Lee. The lyrics go hand in hand with Bulletproof.

Heal - This is a bonus track not available everywhere but it came in the iTunes Album. I like the way it changes up and it seems to turn dark. Reminds me of Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill for some reason.

Kerli CAN sing which is more than you can say about most people on the radio. She has a different sound with a great range of styles that anyone can pick up and listen to.

Overall this is a great, original album if you are sick of the music you hear on the Clearchannel Monopoly. She can't hit the notes Amy Lee of Evanescence fame can, but it is still nice to listen to. Sometimes you can hear a change in Kerli's voice that makes it different. Like when she says moAr instead of more. :)

Amazon $7.99 - Wal-Mart $8.64 - iTunes $7.99 with bonus track Heal. If you get the individual tracks though, get them from Wal-Mart for 94 cents. Save 5 whole pennies!


Iris said...

Great album! Thank you for sharing. My favorite is Walking on Air.

HektikLyfe said...

I would have never given this album a second look if it wasn't for my wife's doll.