Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ignoring the Signs

Awareness isn't enough. People continue blindly on as if nothing is wrong. We still commute to work alone in our 5 passenger cars. We still use paper. We still use plastic bags. We still leave the lights on. We still have computers running when we're not even sitting in front of them. We still throw away recyclables. You can still legally buy clothes made from animal skins.

How much junk mail don't you just toss in the garbage? Why does the U.S. not set regulations or penalize junk mailers? I don't want their garbage. I don't want that wasted paper. I am not earning from their advertisements and I didn't sell my address for them to use. I read this article. This tiny little article about the drastic increase of mass extinctions. I'm sure junk mailers don't think they directly do anything to cause the death of wildlife but it sure doesn't help.

Here is a few short quotes from the article.

Devastating declines of amphibian species around the world are a sign of a biodiversity disaster...Amphibians have been around for about 250 million years. They made it through when the dinosaurs didn't. The fact that they're cutting out now should be a lesson for us.

New species arise and old species die off all the time, but sometimes the extinction numbers far outweigh the emergence of new species, scientists said.

Extreme cases of this are called mass extinction events. There have been only five in our planet's history, until now...

You have all seen Jurassic Park right? You remember that part where they showed how it was that the Raptors were breeding in an all female environment? They blamed it on the frog DNA they borrowed. Remember what they said about how adaptable a small particular breed of frog was? If frogs can't survive this new change what makes us think we will?

Humans can change their sex too, but its not usually for survival, its for vanity. Perhaps that fact alone should be reason enough to accept our fate.


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